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Submissions for the Vocatus Es Contest

May 28th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

The following are submissions for the create-your-own vocations poster for Rochester. Enjoy! We’ll start voting once we have several posted. Send your submission for funny or serious DoR self-designed posters to me at

Submitted serious vocations poster:

Submitted by Anonymous Photo credits: jdbradley and CarbonNYC

Submitted by A.G.

– Submitted by Anonymous 

– Submitted by Nod, from

Submitted humorous vocations posters:

Submitted by Emma

Submitted by Nate

Submitted by Nate

Submitted by anonymous

– Submitted by Ben and Mary Anderson

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5 Responses to “Submissions for the Vocatus Es Contest”

  1. avatar CB says:

    Please don't recruit lost people to become priests, we have enough priests who are lost already. We need priests who know their way around enough to go find the lost sheep and bring them home.

  2. avatar Gen says:

    It's under the "humor" category for a reason, CB.

  3. avatar Ben Anderson says:

    yes, it's intended as a joke and with reference to the LOST TV show (that's where the image is from)

  4. avatar Anonymous says:

    The top ones are great

  5. avatar Nerina says:

    Ben and Mary,

    LOVE it! That window just cracked me up in the LOST finale. So very "coexist"-ish.

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