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Rochester Priest Suspended Following Sex Abuse Allegations

May 16th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

The Catholic Courier reports that a retired Diocese of Rochester priest has been suspended from priestly ministry following accusations made against him pertaining to sexual abuse. The priest suspended is Fr. Paul Schnacky. The alleged abuse is said to have taken place in the 1970s [not a moment too soon to file a complaint…] at the defunct St. Philip Neri parish in northeast Rochester.

Below is the meat of the article:

“Diocese withdraws priest’s faculties

In a statement issued late Sunday, May 16, the Diocese of Rochester announced that it is investigating a complaint alleging improper conduct with minors dating back to the 1970s against the Rev. Paul Schnacky, a retired priest who currently resides in Hornell.

According to the diocesan statement, the results of the investigation were presented to the Diocesan Review Board, which advises Bishop Clark on these matters. Board members found that the investigation confirmed the complaint. Father Schnacky had been serving as an associate pastor at St. Philip Neri in Rochester at the time referenced in the complaint.

Father Schnacky’s faculties have been withdrawn and he is prohibited from exercising public ministry.

In accord with its policy intended to protect both the complainant and the accused, the diocese said in its statement that it would not offer further comment until the investigation is completed.”



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