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Parallel Hierarchy Update

May 4th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

St. Bernard’s Institute of Dissent and Protestant Studies will be awarding degrees to 17 candidates on May 7th at Sacred Heart Cathedral (interesting location…).

From the Catholic Courier:

“Fordham University theology professor Bradford E. Hinze will be the featured speaker at St. Bernard?s School of Theology and Ministry?s 2010 commencement at 4:30 p.m. Friday, May 7, at Sacred Heart Cathedral [Bad enough that our churches are used for dancing and plays, but for award ceremonies? Also, is there some message being sent by having this take place at the Cathedral?], 296 Flower City Park, Rochester.

Hinze specializes in the study of modern and postmodern Catholic theology, intercultural communications and interreligious dialogue [The trifecta of progressive obsessions].

During the graduation ceremony, St. Bernard’s officials will grant degrees to 17 candidates from school’s Rochester and Albany programs. Three will earn master?s degrees in divinity, two will earn master?s degrees in theological studies, 11 will earn master?s degrees in pastoral studies and one will earn a graduate certificate in pastoral studies. Many of the graduates already serve in leadership roles in the Rochester and Albany dioceses, and work in parish centers, hospitals and schools.

“At St. Bernard?s, we are witnessing the emergence of whole new professions for dedicated laypeople who choose to take up a career in the church [The diocese may be giving false hope to these people, who could be in for a rude awakening come 2012],” said Sister of St. Joseph Patricia Schoelles, president of St. Bernard?s and associate professor of Christian ethics.”

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10 Responses to “Parallel Hierarchy Update”

  1. 17 candidates is a low number for them. It was in the 20's just a few years ago. Many of them are the deacon candidates that will be ordained in June.

    The graduation ceremony moved to Sacred Heart Cathedral after the renovations. Before that it was held at St. Mary's in downtown Rochester.

  2. VCS says:

    "A whole new profession….a career in the Church."
    So who is going to pay the salaries of this "whole new profession?" Is this why the DOR is closing our parishes and schools so our money can go to paying for all these new careers in our Church?"
    These "new professionals," created by the DOR create an entire new "class" of lay people that present a barrier between the true laity and the priests.
    What a travesty!

  3. Dr. K says:

    "Is this why the DOR is closing our parishes and schools so our money can go to paying for all these new careers in our Church?"

    A point that isn't made often enough. Well said.

    These bloated lay staffs are putting a financial strain on our parishes. Take a look at the size of the SA/OLoL staffs. It's insanity given the relatively small size of their collections.

    ~Dr. K

  4. Anonymous says:

    VCS & Dr.K,

    Maybe it would be wiser to look at a few facts before slamming these candidates who have chosen to further their education in our faith.

    8 of them will become Deacons, so far from putting a financial strain on the diocese, they will ministering to God's people "free of charge".

    One other will later be ordained an Episcopal priest. No financial burden there.

    I know at least 2 others who got their degree's simply for the education. They do not currently hold lay positions in the church, nor did they get their degrees in order to do so.

    So that's 11 out of the 17 that I know of that will be nothing but a blessing to our diocese.

    My guess is the other 6 will be too. I just don't know their story.


  5. VCS says:

    The Catholic Courier article states that MANY of the graduates already work in leadership roles. We are not talking about parish staff here. We are talking about the ever increasing number of parish administrative personnel that usually come with fairly reasonable salaries and benefits Sr. Schoelles refers to "careers" in the church. She is not talking about the traditional role of the laity in helping to manage a parish. A entire new dynamic is being created by the DOR that will place an ever increasing financial burden on the laity.

  6. Anonymous says:

    What a financial burden for the laity to support. It's too bad because many endeavors could be supported by volunteer work. Work the people, espeially the retired, would love to do. That's why when parishes close, people's hearts are really torn. So many people have put so much effort into supporting their church.

    Tell this to a bishop who mandates priest retirement 5 years before the norm, so that parishes can close, so that by this , hopefully for him and all his progressive friends, will fan the flames to support the ordination of married men, and later women.

    All it has done is to cause people to drop out of parish life, and create anger.

    And these new diocewsan employees have no health insurance. Isn't this a bit hypocritical from bishop(s), who are clamoring for health care for all workers? What do they expect? That the government (us) will pick up the tab for the diocese's workers?

  7. Dr. K says:

    BigE: "So that's 11 out of the 17 that I know of that will be nothing but a blessing to our diocese."

    You do realize that you included the Episcopal priest in that 11, right? I don't see how supporting the competition is a blessing to our diocese, but that's your opinion.

    ~Dr. K

  8. Nerina says:

    My local church strongly encourages parishioners to attend classes at St. Bernard's (BTW, Dr. K, love the ever-changing name changes). We even have money allocated to it. I, for one, do not think we should be paying for more lay staff when many of the positions held by paid staff could be done by competent volunteers. (I'm thinking of DREs or Adult Faith Formation. In our church we even pay someone with the title of "Head of Liturgy") These could be handled by trained volunteers, but unless you meet certain litmus tests (believe in women's ordination, lay preaching, liturgical dancing and the primacy of conscience regardless of how it is formed), it is doubtful that a person would be allowed to fill these positions.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Actually, I agree with BigE on this one. I know a few of the Deacon candidates and they will, indeed, be blessings to the DoR for many years. At the diaconate ordination, remember, the candidate vows obedience to the Bishop and his successors. These men have worked very hard in order to give their volunteer service to the Church, both now and after 2012.


  10. Anonymous says:

    Boy, That's a potential dilemma. One is supposed to swear obedience to the bishop but if he mandates promoting a heretetical program or homily, I assume the decon will have to swear allegience to God over the bishop and not commit sin.

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