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May 4th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

You may have noticed that I have not yet taken down our latest poll, found to the right of this post. I left it up because, to me, it was a very interesting and very revealing poll. Let’s go over some of the results:

I have never encountered liturgical abuse.
  5 (8%)
I have encountered abuse, but I combat it from within.
  18 (31%)
I have encountered liturgical and had to flee my parish.
  20 (34%)
I have ended up at Our Lady of Victory.
  20 (34%)
I have ended up at the Latin Mass Community.
  15 (25%)
I have stopped going to Mass.
  0 (0%)
I have participated in liturgical abuse.
  3 (5%)
Nancy DeRycke made my soul bleed.
  2 (3%)
Sr. Joan made my soul bleed.
  8 (13%)
My parish was “renovated” and looks horrible.
  5 (8%)
I’m too attached to leave my parish.
  6 (10%)
I have become more orthodox because of the abuses.
  30 (51%)
I left the Catholic Church.
  0 (0%)
I have sent letters to Rome.
  9 (15%)
I have sent letters to the nuncio.
  11 (18%)
I have sent letters to Bishop Clark.
  14 (24%)
I have sent letters to my pastor/administrator.
  12 (20%)
I have served on Parish Council/Litiurgy Committee/etc.
  14 (24%)

The first thing that stood out to me was that 5 people have never encountered liturgical abuse. If you selected this option, I must say you are either blessed among creation or one of the most blind creatures on this Earth. This means you’re either a native parishioner of OLV or the Latin Mass Community, or you’re a liturgy-hippie.

Another things which was very interesting was a full third of the people reading this blog have had to flee their own parish because of what was being done. Connected to this, 20 people ended up at OLV and 15 at the Latin Mass Community. No one stopped going to Mass.

Three people said that they have participated in liturgical abuse. I would imagine that this means that you did so willingly, but then changed your ways. This leads to the point that a full 51% of the people who voted said that they became more orthodox through their trials. Is this not the evidence of a loving and concerned God? He takes us from an instance of pain, and then heals and soothes us with the aromatic balms of pious priests, reverent liturgies, and genuinely Church-loving people.

The last thing that really stood out to me was that around 20-25% of you sent letters. 25% of 400 (our current daily readership average) is 100 people. That’s over 100 letters that have been sent out by concerned people reading this site. Imagine how many people have sent letters that either don’t read this blog or don’t know about it! Rochester is being heard, friends. Rest assured of that.

Prayer to Pope Pius XII
“Oh, good Pope Pius, who did seek to glorify God through the majesty of the Liturgy, grant that we, to whom it has fallen to defend Truth and Tradition, may find the grace and the strength to persevere in all things. Intercede for us, good Pope Pius, that God may hear our cries, and that in His great mercy and love, may deem us worthy to be delivered from present affliction into the glorious reign of His most holy and beneficent will. Amen”

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