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Our Approved Mass Schedule

May 14th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

So many times, people email us asking where to go to Mass if they’re visiting Rochester. Even some DoR natives email us and ask “where can we go to escape the ‘liturgy-wars?” Below (and in the side bar) is a schedule I made for you all to help you decide where to go and when to go there. If you’re parish isn’t listed here, don’t worry. It’s not that I have consigned it to the fires of Hell, it’s just that it’s not on the A-list of orthodoxy. I have a deep affection for every parish, because each parish is the dwelling place of God, whether they have Him enthroned on the altar or hidden in a broom closet. What all of us here at Cleansing Fire take offense at is when a parish is turned into a political statement. It’s so unfortunate that a parish that is doing exactly what it is supposed to is labeled “reactionary,” while parishes whose Masses are less-than-licit are labeled as “normal.” This schedule seeks to present to you a list of parishes and worship sites that are doing the right thing. If you value your sanity, you should try to visit these at least once in a while. Sure, have your parish, but when you need a little dose of liturgical reality (i.e. Catholic liturgy, not Rochester liturgy) come to one of these.

I hope this helps.

Saturday Vigil Masses:
St. Stanislaus – 1124 Hudson Avenue (Rochester) – 4:00 PM (English Novus Ordo)
Our Lady of Victory – 210 Pleasant Street (Downtown Rochester) – 4:30 PM
Holy Spirit – 1355 Hatch Road (Webster/Penfield) – 5:00 PM
St. Thomas the Apostle – 4536 St. Paul Boulevard (Irondequoit) – 5:00 PM
St. Cecilia – 2732 Culver Road (Irondequoit) – 5:00 PM
St. Mary – 15 Clark Street (Auburn) – 5:30 PM
St. Mary – 7:00 PM

Sunday Masses:
St. Mary – 7:00 AM
Carmelite Monastery – 1931 West Jefferson Road  (Pittsford) – 8:00 AM
St. Thomas the Apostle – 8:00 AM
St. Cecilia – 8:30 AM
Holy Spirit – 8:30 AM
St. Mary – 9:45 AM
Abbey of the Genesee – 3258 River Road (Piffard) – 9:45 AM
Our Lady of Victory – 10:00 AM
Holy Spirit – 10:30 AM
St. Thomas the Apostle – 11:00 AM
St. Cecilia – 11:00 AM
Monroe Community Hospital (open to the public) – 11:00 AM
St. Mary – 12:00 Noon
Holy Spirit – 12:00 Noon
St. Stanislaus – 1:30 PM (Latin Mass in the Extraordinary Form)
Our Lady of Victory – 7:30 PM

These are Masses which, should you attend, guarantee that you will not witness any kind of genuine liturgical abuse. You are 100% safe with these choices.

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