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On This Day O Beautiful Mother

May 23rd, 2010, Promulgated by Choir

In honor of Our Blessed Lady. Catholics of a certain age will definitely remember singing these hymns, especially when First Holy Communion fell on Mothers Day.

On this day, O Beautiful Mother!
On this day we give thee our love;
Near thee, Madonna, fondly we hover,
trusting thy gentle care to prove.

On this day we ask to share, dearest Mother,
thy sweet care;
Aid us e’er, our feet astray, wandering from
thy guiding way.

Queen of Angels, deign to hear, thy dear
children’s humble pray’r;
Young hearts gain, O Virgin pure, sweetly
to thyself allure.

For the Crowning of the Blessed Mother, this was probably sung more than any other hymn.

The hymn below can and does get Catholics to sing with gusto to the Virgin Mother of God. It is one of those hymns that Catholics seem to love to sing. This is not the version from that stupid “Sister Act”.


5 Responses to “On This Day O Beautiful Mother”

  1. Scott/Mary says:

    Once again you have stirred fond memories of my childhood. Not only did we sing these songs at Our Lady of Lourdes in Elmira, we had them all memorized, in four-part harmony!
    A beautiful way to honor the Mother of God in Her month! A beautiful addition to Cleansing Fire!

  2. Gen says:

    I would have loved to have heard that. Imagine – parishes in the DoR had four-part hymns memorized. And people loved it! Now we're told that the old music isn't "up to current standards." It should be that current standards aren't worthy of what we had.

  3. Scott/Mary- That must have been some good choir back in the day to have done traditional music like that. I did hear OLOL choir on a tape from an ordination many years ago. It was very nice. Were you on that tape?

  4. Scott/Mary says:

    It wasn't the choir at Lourdes Paris, it was the parish school children who learned the songs and processed all around the school into the court yard of the convent where the crowning of Our Lady took place. Great memories. Grades kindergarten-8th. We were taught by two nuns, Sr. Raymond Joseph, and Sr. Leona.
    To answer the question about the tape, no I wasn't singing at the ordination, but I was present. It was my first ordination, Fr. Dennis Bonsignore. It was all in Latin. I was a bit lost as I was a poor Latin student at the time…..still learning.

  5. Mike says:

    The May crowing is still an active tradition at Holy Cross.

    It takes place at Mary's grotto following the 10:00 am Mass on the first Sunday of May.

    This year the hymns included the Bach/Gounod Ave Maria sung by two of our choir members, along with Immaculate Mary and Hail Holy Queen sung by the entire assembly.

    My photos here.

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