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Even More Pastoral Appointments

May 23rd, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

Here are the latest pastoral appointments made by Bishop Clark this past week:

Fr. Jeffery Tunnicliff to parochial vicar of Our Lady of the Lakes (St. Michael in Penn Yan, St. Theresa in Stanley, St. Patrick in Prattsburgh, St. Mary in Rushville, and St. Januarius in Naples) from parochial vicar of St. Mary Southside in Elmira. Source:
Fr. Jim Hewes to parochial vicar of Holy Ghost/St. Jude the Apostle/St. Helen from parochial administrator of St. Joseph in Rush. Source: EandKmom

I don’t know much about Fr. Hewes. Anybody have something to share?

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4 Responses to “Even More Pastoral Appointments”

  1. I'm not sure if Fr. Jim Hewes is still director, but he is involved in Project Rachel which is a post-abortion ministry that counsels women and men who have had or participated in abortions.

  2. avatar Anonymous says:

    I know him very well. Good guy but an unusual mix. Pro-life, pacifist, Franciscan in lifestyle, traditional in many ways but tends towards universalism in his preaching. Follows the rubrics but is a bit perfunctory as a celebrant. Very simple liturgically with no theatrics but a bit fond of folk music. Was a college chaplain for about twelve years. Went to consult with Germaine Griese to fine tune his Masters thesis.

  3. avatar Anonymous says:

    Fr. Hewes was featured in an article recently in the devotional Word Among Us for his work in raisinng money for the Payatas community in the Philippines.

  4. avatar Francis Fitzpatrick says:

    Seeking communication with my old philosophy professor from Georgetown University in the 50’s, Germaine Griese.

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