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Bishop Morlino on Eucharistic Reverence

May 28th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

This was sent to us by a dear friend of the blog. Many thanks go out to her and her family. May God bless such kind-hearted and sincere Catholics.

The video below is of Bishop Morlino discussing reverence at Mass. His insight is invaluable, and should be given, in a spirit of precise charity, to all your administrators, your pastors, your sacramental ministers, or what ever else you may have. He states, “No one intends to be irreverent.” I could not agree more. Our lay preachers think they’re doing the right thing. They love the Church, but in a very inappropriate way. Just like a 15 year old boy may “love” his girlfriend after a night of passion, that love is misplaced and juvenile. There’s something there, but it’s trounced and destroyed by the effects of sin. No one, unless they are instruments of Satan, seeks to destroy that which they know to be good. No one, unless they are instruments of Satan, would follow a path they know to be wrong. However, if we permit these people to walk in these ways, to continue embracing the metaphorical girlfriend, we testify to be in error ourselves, for we are doing nothing to bolster the good which we perceive, the good which Our Lord perceives.

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