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Am I Missing Something Here?

May 27th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

From the Church of the Transfiguration pastoral council minutes:

“He [Fr. Michael Bausch] proposed that the agenda for next year?s Council include discussing long term plans for Transfiguration. Father Mike indicated he will be the last resident pastor and we have to prepare for the future.”

I’m a bit lost by this. Hopefully one of our readers can provide an explanation. Fr. Bausch is still eight years away from the DoR early retirement age of 70. He was born in 1948. Additionally, he was appointed to a second six-year term as pastor of Transfiguration in 2008. This means that he still has four years to go in his present assignment.

So how can he make a statement that he will be the last resident pastor? How can he know this so far ahead in advance? Will Transfiguration be clustering with a neighboring parish before 2014? Who might it be (St. Catherine of Siena?, St. Louis?, Rush-Henrietta cluster?)…?

I hope someone out there has answers.



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