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Tomorrow’s “Vibrant Worship Service”

April 10th, 2010, Promulgated by Choir

In conjunction with Divine Mercy Sunday, there will a Mass in the Extraordinary Form at Saint Stanislaus Church at 1:30 p.m., April 11th. The celebrant will be the Reverend Dennis Bonsignore. There will be two priests to hear confessions before Mass.

The ordinary parts of the Mass (Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Benedictus and Agnus Dei) will be from two Masses. Missa Phrygia by Cannicciari and Missa O Magnum Mysterium by Victoria. Propers will be in the Gregorian psalm tone.

Following the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Most Blessed Sacrament will be exposed with the hymn “O Salutaris Hostia” being sung. Next the congregation will sing the Divine Mercy Chaplet, followed by the Tantum Ergo, then we will pray the Divine Praises. The recessional hymn will be “Praise My Soul the King of Heaven”.

Parking is across the street from the church or behind the church. There is a handicapped elevator in the rear of the church. Roaming security is provided.

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12 Responses to “Tomorrow’s “Vibrant Worship Service””

  1. Dr. K says:

    Sounds quite vibrant indeed!

    ~Dr. K

  2. Sister Emily says:

    See you there Choir

  3. Scott/Mary says:

    Choir,Choir, Choir, "vibrant worship service??" This just about did me in laughing!! See you there:)
    Sr. Emily make Choir introduce you to me and my family. I would love to me you.:)

  4. Matt says:

    It promises to be all kinds of vibrant! As always with sung Latin Masses, I'll be there! (4th week out of 5 at Latin Mass for me…with a little Triduum/Easter vacation to OLV. Life. Is. Good.)

  5. Scott and Mary – I will introduce you to Sister Emily, if I don't forget. How about if I do the introduction from the In fact, we could all turn to each other and introduce ourselves.

  6. Sister Emily says:

    SCOTT/MARY.. CHOIR, FORGOT.. He is getting old ya know. Next week for sure..

  7. Scott/Mary says:

    Sr. Emily,
    We will be there, our son is serving his first low Mass. Wasn't today great?!!! The singing was awesome. I really liked the Agnus Dei. The only vibrations were the beautiful stained glass windows when everyone was singing the Chaplet of Divine Mercy! I was only sorry that everyone in the diocese wasn't there.
    Really Heavenly! See you next week.
    Choir isn't that old……yet:)

  8. Sister Emily says:

    Scott/Mary. Yes so beautiful! One of the many blessings we have at St. Stan is a priest with a glorious voice. The choir is fantastic. How about that organist… The music that comes out of that organ is so beautiful, sometimes I can't help it, I turn right around and watch him. See you next week.

  9. Sister Emily,
    Today's postlude was Litanies by Jehan Alain. Alain died before he was 30.

    His most famous work, Litanies, is prefaced with the text: "When, in its distress, the christian soul can find no more words to implore the mercy of God, it repeats, times without end, the same fierce-faithed prayer. Reason reaches its limits and only belief can chase its flight".

  10. Nerina says:

    Oh, sugar and beans (as my daughter would say). I am recovering from some virus brought home by one of my kids from the petri dish known as "primary school" and I missed today's Mass. Choir, when is the next one?

  11. Sister Emily says:

    Welcome back Nerina! You missed a good one.

  12. Nerina – Yes, welcome back. The next Missa Cantata is Pentecost Sunday. The mens schola will sing the ordinary and proper parts. The next choir Mass will be the feast of Corpus Christi, the first Sunday of June. Try to make one or both of them.

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