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The New Racism – Obama and Abortion

April 19th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

This cartoon is certainly thought-provoking, friends. It’s from the blog Veritatis: The Cartoon, and comes at a very appropriate time. Liberals are saying that racism is dead because we have an African-American president. But when you look at this, and consider other relevant things, it’s quite obvious that racism has simply evolved.

So what is this “evolved racism” that I mentioned? Let’s just examine the First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama. I am certain that she is a very lovely person, and I cringe to think that anyone would call her “monkey,” “ape-woman,” or “the msising link.” That’s just inappropriate. Whenever someone gets thrust into the news for such hate-filled language, they are pretty much labeled as racist, intolerant, reactionary, etc. However, what about the innumerable jokes about how George Bush looked like an ape? No one was ever arrested for hate-speech like that. What about the people who said his mother looked like a bloated whale? Mrs. Bush just carried on in her usual way, not getting her husband (George H.W. Bush) to censor or prosecute the people. 
If we’re really a post-racial nation, shouldn’t our first ladies act the same when attacked? God forbid anyone makes fun of the Obamas – but the Bushes, they’re just country hicks! Mock them and label them as morons, and no one lifts a finger. 
And please, do not get me started on Affirmative Action. For the handful of times that it actually works, it actually stifles the success of the genuinely qualified. I am clueless as how we all want to end racism, and yet we put up these bumpers around sensitive issues so that this group can get ahead, and that group doesn’t get offended, and these people can say this, and those people can do that. If we’re all equal, we should be treated as equals, and not given different starting positions.
I pray that President Obama realizes the gross injustices and contradictions in his presidency. How can he defend the ideals of the nation when things such as what is mentioned in the above cartoon are true? Is it post-racial for Planned Parenthood to erect its largest buildings in so-called “Black Ghettos”? The African American community is suffering because the politicians have declared racism to be over when, in fact, it is becoming more and more entrenched, but stealthily so. We are all equal in the sight of God, and for some people to be separated and exalted while others are held back due to feel-good politicking is to be part of a great injustice, one whose effects will be long-lasting and devastating for our brothers and sisters in faith.
But I digress . . .
I’m sure you’re wondering by now why, exactly, Gen is going off into racial politics and that whole politically-incorrect morass. Well, it’s especially apt considering my upcoming trip to Gettysburg and Washington, and the Governor of Virginia’s declaration of “Confederate History Month.” Come the end of the week, you’ll see some history-related posts of Catholic interest: Col. Patrick O’Rourke, Fr. William Corby, the Catholic parish in Gettysburg, the impact of St. Elizabeth Anne Seton, and more. The reason I’m looking forward to this trip is that in the events of history is reflected the hand of God. We can see that His will is always achieved in the end. We were punished with civil war for four long years, losing over 600,000 men killed and wounded. However, because of this, 4,000,000 slaves were freed, and given liberty.
It is truly a shame that leaders like Obama seem to drift above the sacrifices of ages past, living only in their glorious “now,” a “now” which excludes so much of what we are as a people. It’s amazingly naive to presume that a mere 150 years past the Civil War, the last vestiges of racism are erased permanently. We can see racism in our own realm of interest: the annual Chrism Mass features an African-American dancing around the altar. Our African-American brethren are separated, officially, and given their own parish set aside from the others. Is not the Mass a place to come together, united and not focused on race?
If I wanted to, I could go on and on and on about the whole issue about race and the Catholic identity (or race and the American identity), but I know that there are a few die-hard Democrats who read this blog, and whose blood is probably boiling by this point. Mea culpa for contributing to your high blood pressure, dear blue-staters.

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