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The Gospel According to Mark Hare

April 27th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

If there’s one thing to remember before reading Mark Hare’s pieces in the Democrat & Chronicle, it’s the following: universal Roman Catholic Church = bad, renegade progressive parishes and dioceses = good. This is where this man is coming from, and it shows with every piece he composes on to the topic of Catholicism.

Here are excerpts from an article he wrote about the excommunicated, schismatic Spiritus Christi religion for today’s D&C;:

It’s been 13 years since the Rev. Jim Callan and the now Rev. Mary Ramerman split with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester [“Split” is a very kind way to say they were excommunicated] over a variety of practices and issues at Corpus Christi parish on East Main Street.

Callan had been pastor at the church since 1976 [Incorrect. Jesus was the pastor, remember? Regardless, Callan was, in the eyes of the Catholic Church, the Parochial Administrator. He was never named pastor], and Ramerman had been a pastoral associate since 1983. They had built a vibrant congregation in what was a dying parish [Not by evangelizing the local community]. But they were unable to resolve their differences with the diocese [They openly defied the Church and would not relent. The diocese was not in a position of negotiation] and Callan was excommunicated [And Mary, and Enrique, and everyone who attends Spiritus Christi]. They, and many of their parishioners, started a new church ? Spiritus Christi, now housed in the Downtown United Presbyterian Church and the Hochstein School of Music and Dance. They are not affiliated with the diocese or the Roman Catholic Church, but they consider themselves still Catholic [But they aren’t. They are no more Catholic than the Lutherans. Ok, I will concede that they have 1 validly ordained priest on staff, though he may have been removed from the clerical state in 1999 or 2000]; Ramerman was ordained [Invalid] in 2001 by a bishop in the Ecumenical Catholic Community.

Ramerman and Callan spoke about their experiences and what they’ve learned about leadership. Ramerman is the pastor [So she usurped the position held by the Lord Jesus Christ in their parish for some 20 odd years?], Callan the associate pastor. That was by design, they both said. They both wanted to support women in leadership and they wanted parishioners to know that there is someone responsible for the final say when the final say is necessary [As soon as Jim Callan retires, there will not be one male “priest” on their staff. Yes, not a single one. Their “priests” include Mary Ramerman, Denise Donato (now a schismatic among schismatics), Chava Redonnet, and Patricia LaRosa who will be “ordained” a deacon in a couple weeks. They tried to make themselves out as crusaders fighting against the male hierarchy, but they have established the exact opposite — an entirely female hierarchy to the exclusion of males]? not co-pastors who could be played against each other [This seems to defy their vision where there are no leaders, and everyone is an equal. How quickly they abandon that and go right back to what they were originally fighting against].

Especially in a church, Callan says, “the key thing in leadership is to create an atmosphere of love [Except for the Catholic Church]. You have to remember people’s birthdays and anniversaries [Far too many parishes in the diocese already do this. I swear, it’s like these Spiritus folk are living in a vacuum. They think that everything they do over there is their idea alone, or that they were the origin of it],” and learn to “bring a little sunshine.” Callan says Ramerman is much better than he at confronting problems (“I prefer to avoid confrontation,” he says [The man is either a liar, a comedian, or a lunatic. Perhaps even all three]). “People will go to town if they feel loved,” he says, “and that’s my main talent [Ego].” Ramerman says she has learned not to put off dealing with problems, especially personnel problems that can affect other staff and parishioners. But, she says, making sure that people feel loved “is the most transformative thing we can do.”

Spiritus has about 1,500 members on the books, about 1,100 in attendance at weekend liturgies [and frequently less], and an incredible 700 volunteers active in one or more ministries or outreaches [We’ve heard the story a million times already, Mark. Every time one wanted to criticize the practices at Corpus, they were forced to preface their complaint with “Corpus Christi does so many good things, but…” It eventually became obvi
ous that the Corpus leaders were hiding behind their charity programs in order to advance a progressive agenda, and draw people in who may or may not agree with their views, but loved the programs]
. The church has religious education, youth and family ministries, and several outreach efforts [Boy, are they special. Like no other church gives a damn] ? the Grace of God Recovery House for those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction; a mental health center; a prison outreach and ongoing programs of support and relief in both Borgne, Haiti, and Chiapas, Mexico.

“We asked people for $5,000 ? about what it would cost for each room,” and people wrote checks. [Not every parish has a wealthy congregation. Don’t forget that Corpus Christi drew people from the suburbs, and very few from the surrounding area in the city. It was rich, white, suburban parishioners who brought in the big bucks]

A developer who happens to be a parishioner donated $1 million to Spiritus [Again, the glory of having a wealthy congregation], Ramerman says, and the parish decided to use it to build a housing project on West Main Street. They got busy looking for grants and researching all the requirements for new construction. When it’s done, Ramerman says, the church will open a 36-unit three-story building with a coffee shop ? on the spot where Susan B. Anthony cast her illegal vote.

“If you don’t ask, you don’t know what people are able to give,” she says. [I bet Mike Murdoch, TV televangelist and world-renowned beggar, would agree with that statement]

We are truly blessed that Mr. Hare decided against continuing on to ordination as a Catholic priest in Rochester. One Jim Callan is more than enough.

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15 Responses to “The Gospel According to Mark Hare”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Isn't Grosswirth on staff, or no?

  2. Gen says:

    This man's a vicious enemy of the Church, and what makes him all the more dangerous, is that, like others in the diocese, he is "a wolf in sheep's clothing." He looks like a lover of the Church, and yet he is a sworn adversary. I don't care if he claims to be Catholic – he isn't. And this piece proves that he has nothing but contempt for the Church as founded by Jesus and continued by His Apostles. His "church" is not universal, but limited. His "church" is not holy, but sacrilegious. His "church" is not one, but several and scattered. And his "church" is not apostolic, but founded on the lies of modernism, as personified in the heresy preached and defended at Spiritus Christi.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Grosswirth is not on staff. In fact, I wonder why he doesn't go out on his own.

    Spiritus Christi = another dying 70's church. But Jim will have a housing project named after him when its all over.

  4. Christopher says:

    Should anyone from Spiritus Christi read this, I'd encourage you to at least fully understand the position of the Catholic church on women and priesthood. The one Holy Catholic and Apostolic church is waiting for you to return to her.

    Here are some good articles:

  5. Anonymous says:

    Mark Hare works hard in our parish (Cathedral Parishes) and is generous with his time and editorial talent. He has stayed solidly in the Roman Catholic Church which is quite different from what Mr. Callan has done.
    Describing a successful Protestant Church (Spiritus Christi) is not, as far as I know inherently sinful.

  6. Gen says:

    He does not specify that it is schismatic, though. He does not acknowledge any fault on their part. Instead, the blame is on the Church and Her canons. That's where the problem is. Anyone who is not well-versed in the matter, and who would read this, would see no problem in attending SC if they were looking for a Catholic church. This is why I tore into him in my first comment, Grandma. I'm sure he's a devoted Christian, but he seems to take no pride in the Church as it is, not as he would have it.

  7. Matt says:

    Grandma–Giving up your time does not make up for being an enemy of the Church and her leadership. Furthermore, I might add that he sure seems to write things that are outside the realm of "solidly Catholic."

  8. Matt says:

    Did anybody see that grosswirth got nominated for "best blog by a heretic" in the catholic blog awards? i chuckled at the frankness

  9. Anonymous says:

    The Spiritus Christi people are spreading their errors all over. Just about the whole staff at St. Joseph's House of Hospitality here in Rochester has gotten involved in Spiritus and they're all giving support to Chava Redonnet's "ordination". Dorothy Day was no conservative, but she was loyal to the Church and faithful to Catholic teachings and her followers at the House of Hospitality don't seem to understand that. Spiritus is what happens when there is zero Catholic leadership in the diocese of Rochester- no one around to explain the beauty and truth of Catholic teachings. We need to do our part to call these people back home into the Church- it may not be easy but I know of at least one Spiritus person who has come back and there probably are more. Deep down, they must have quite an emptiness to be living a false version of reality.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thanks to Anonymous 4:58 for mentioning the ordination of Chava Redonnet. I am upset with Catholic Worker community.
    I do disagree, though, and would name Dorothy Day a conservative. She was so respectful of the Catholic faith and was something of a Catherine of Siena in her loyal criticism of church leaders.

  11. RochChaCha says:

    Mark Hare's editorial is very misleading and is written in a way that is favorable to this schismatic church which is not Catholic. In my opinion, it speaks to the man's integrity, or in this case lack of integrity. My recommendation is to stop wasting your money on buying this newspaper, because it is not worth the paper it is printed on.

  12. Gen says:

    Ditto that, Roch. There is not one single redeeming aspect of the D&C.; Not one.

    Well, I love Dilbert, but still . . .

  13. Ben Anderson says:

    "Well, I love Dilbert, but still . . ."

    get dilbert and the d&c; feeds for free so you're not fueling their machine:

  14. Anonymous says:

    Grosswirth doesn't go to Mass because he is discerning at home.

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