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The Entrance Procession for the Pontifical High Mass

April 26th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

Below is the footage I shot, in two parts, of the entrance procession. As Sr. Emily pointed out, these are meant to be viewed in a fullscreen format – it’s HD. Enjoy!

Note that you can see DoR seminarian Peter Mottola about half way through in the first video. He is in the choir portion of the procession.



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4 Responses to “The Entrance Procession for the Pontifical High Mass”

  1. There is also another native Rochesterian in the video at 2:25. Father William Lawrence of the Fraternity of St. Peter.

    While not a native of Rochester, Father Charles Conor from EWTN Church History segments is at 2:39.

  2. Matt says:

    Sweet! Peter and Fr Lawrence are both wonderful fellows!

  3. You are so blessed to have been there! God Bless!
    I even missed it on EWTN!

  4. FWIW – There was also a shot of Peter receiving Holy Communion from the Bishop.

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