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St. Francis Xavier To Be Sold to Muslims

April 7th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

Cleansing Fire has twice posted that there have been rumors that the former St. Francis Xavier church will be sold to a Muslim group. We today have received confirmation of this rumor from a respected employee of the Diocese of Rochester. Our source states that the Muslim group ended up being the last remaining prospective buyer after repeatedly demonstrating interest in the property, far exceeding the interest shown by other parties who have since dropped out of the running. This is very disappointing news, and helps to demonstrate why we need to fight that much harder to see that St. Thomas the Apostle in Irondequoit does not meet the same fate. Let’s keep our Catholic Churches in Catholic (or at least Christian) hands as long as we possible can. Only when we have no other option should be consider selling our churches to non-Christian faiths.

Money can not be in the only factor in making these decisions.



2 Responses to “St. Francis Xavier To Be Sold to Muslims”

  1. You wonder whether anyone reached out to the ICK or the FSSP; when Ss. Peter & Paul was on the block, a parish administrator told me he had never even heard of them. At least that church stayed in Christian (Coptic) hands.

  2. Gen says:

    Rich – I'm fairly certain Muslims are preferred over those decrepit, Latin-mumbling idiots from the FSSP. Don't you know that orthodoxy is subversive? We need to celebrate diversity, and helping our Muslim sisters and brothers to worship God is a work of mercy and love.

    Kind of like the mercy and love the Muslims are showing to Christians in the Middle East.

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