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Judgement Day: April 20th

April 13th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

Cleansing Fire’s Diocese of Rochester sources have informed us that the diocese is moving closer to making a decision on the Irondequoit parishes (Christ the King, St. Thomas the Apostle, St. Margaret Mary, St. Cecelia, and St. Salome). Our sources tell us that there will be a presbyeteral council meeting on April 20th, and the Irondequoit parishes are on the agenda. Specifically, Bishop Clark will consult with this body on the 20th before making his final decision on whether to close or retain parishes. Remember, Fr. Tanck is a member of this committee, and he has done little to nothing to fight for any parish other than Christ the King.

Let’s review one more time the pros and cons of retaining St. Thomas:

-Largest church in the cluster. This church can accommodate all of Irondequoit. If we’re moving toward a few mega-churches, it makes no sense to eliminate the largest facility.
-Revenue source from the former St. Thomas the Apostle school.
-Private adoration chapel on campus.
-Large parking lot with access from both the main and side roads.
-Unique church building
-STA is situated in a part of town expected to see major development in the coming years.
-STA is not in debt, unlike the three parishes that the IPPG wishes to keep open.
-STA has received a sum of $180K from a recently deceased man’s estate, and has $500K in the form of the Msgr. Burns trust fund. This money can be used for the alleged improvements needed to STA.
-STA has minimal immediate repair/modification needs, especially when compared to churches like St. Cecilia.

-STA has lost parishioners since Fr. Tanck took over, but the number appears to have leveled now around 500; it’s not getting lower. St. Margaret Mary has lost even more people than St. Thomas, and their attendance isn’t particularly impressive right now as it is (should one claim attendance to be the factor).

The pros outweigh the cons in my opinion. We need to pray now more than ever for St. Thomas the Apostle. Hopefully the case made by St. Thomas will be taken to heart by the bishop, who will put aside any of the negative feelings he may feel toward this parish and the traditional practices they continue.

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4 Responses to “Judgement Day: April 20th”

  1. Anonymous says:

    FYI – the Presbyteral Council is more than a committee, but a canonically required consultative body for the ordinary of any diocese.

    Also, while Fr. Tanck is part of that body, he will have to recuse himself from any of the proceedings regarding the Irondequoit parishes. He will be asked to leave the room during the deliberations due to the conflict of interest.

    I have already been told this by a diocesan official.

  2. Dr. K says:

    That's good to hear.

    ~Dr. K

  3. Gen says:

    Doesn't that mean that Fr. Leone will also be asked to recuse himself?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yes, he would.

    But Fr. Leone was not mentioned in the original post.

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