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Consider Well That Bleeding Visage

April 2nd, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

This Good Friday, I should like to ask you one simple question for your contemplation.

When you look at the face of Our Lord, bleeding copiously and reigning from the cross, can you honestly see reflected in his suffering the petty politicking we see in our daily lives, our liturgies, our work places? To love Christ Jesus is to find the value of His sufferings, and not bury them in shameful Masses, flawed theological musings, and intolerant speech.

Remember, dear friends, that Our Lord looked at St. John and declared, “Behold thy mother.” In like manner, we must take Mary into our hearts, giving her those chambers once reserved for our callousness and greed. Furnish your soul for sacred things. Do not let it rot in the stew of iniquity. Whenever we are complicit in a Mass in which heinous abuses are perpetrated, we are the ones who jeer at Our Lord crucified. We are the ones shouting out to Pilate. We are the high priests who declared “we have no king but Caesar.”

Look at Our Lord’s bleeding face, and tell me: do you see reflected in His Divine suffering the casual and pompous nature of several of our Masses? Do these Masses actually capture the nature of His supreme sacrifice? They ought to, friends. Do not let the sufferings of Christ Jesus be in vain.

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