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Bishop Slattery’s Homily – the Audio Edition

April 26th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

Below are two videos with audio of Bishop Slattery’s homily provided by Fr. Z. It is an absolutely amazing homily, and I know this is entirely redundant, but I should like you to listen to his words. The sublime beauty of the truths he speaks is unable to be expressed by anyone relating this thing second-hand.

There is a slight error in the audio track for Part I which will cause it to skip for a few moments, then start over. All of this is done by 1:05, though. Don’t worry.



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One Response to “Bishop Slattery’s Homily – the Audio Edition”

  1. Scott/Mary says:

    Thank you Gen for posting this inspiring video. If you shut your eyes, you can almost place yourself there. What a wonderful bishop.
    If you take the suffering he refers to and meditate on the suffering traditional Catholics do in the DOR, it really puts things in perspective. Using our suffering by uniting with Christ and His suffering, makes it all worth while, giving us the big picture. Eternity is forever! Thank God.

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