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Scratch a Liberal, Get a Nazi

March 30th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

I had a run-in recently with a priest who informed me that anyone who professes to be pro-life is, in fact, responsible for abortion. His argument was that if you vote for pro-choice politicians, you elect people who respect women, make them feel better about themselves, and make them less likely to murder their offspring. He said, “Even if Obama were born on Mars, I would have voted for him over McCain.” This could turn into a post detailing how a Catholic cannot under any circumstance vote for a pro-choice candidate and remain in a state of grace. Instead, it will go somewhere else – into the deep, perverted psyche of liberals.

First of all, in this encounter, this priest interrupted me twice to make it sound as if I was condoning pro-choice politicians. He twisted my words to make them suit his political agenda. I tried to say, “The Catholic bishops have spoken precisely on the matter, and they condemn anyone who votes pro-choice.” What I got out before his rude interjection was, “The Catholic bishops have spoken precisely on the matter, and they condemn anyone who votes . . . “

He thundered back, ” . . . anyone who votes exclusively because of their stand on pro-choice politics.” He then went on to say that no one really likes abortion – it’s a necessary evil. So, let me get it straight – You’re only in trouble with the Big Guy when you vote only because a person is pro-choice, ipso facto making you pro-abortion. But, in his view, “No one is pro-abortion.” Note the contradiction? In his flawed reasoning, there is no room for sin because “the individual’s conscience is the noblest thing involved in the abortion debate.” Flawed logic all the way around, and built on rude interjections.

So, what made this priest, let’s call him “Joe,” react this way, shouting me down for the sake of his personal views?

It’s ego.

Every single liberal, without exception, who does not permit the other side to voice its opinion (i.e. Joan Sobala, Nancy DeRycke, Barrack Obama) places more value in the “I” than the “we.” A parishioner from St. Anne emailed me once with a “Me-Tally.” In this tally, he counted the use of “I,” “me,” “my,” and “mine,” over 120 times in one of Joan’s homilies. I think we find similar trends in the rhetoric of Prez Obama.

Note also how, when a genuine liberal is opposed, they turn vicious, playing dirty, unfair, and immorally. When parishioners confront these schismatic lay administraitors (TM), who always wins? The lay administrator. Without exception. These women claim the authority of the Church, while at the same time showing a complete rejection of this same authority. The same goes for this priest who declared, “I profess and love everything the Church teaches, and that’s why I voted for Barrack Obama.”

Liberals claim to be the abstract thinkers, the people who explore every alternative etc. However, they are closed minded and shallow, dealing in twisted absolutes and their own alter realities. Sure, you have to care for this unwilling mother, but not by letting her murder her child. That’s ludicrous. In a similar way, liberals fail to grasp anything beside the present. “We now have health-care reform.” Yes, we do, but in several years we will be crippled by debt and financial burdens.

Liberals put up this “nicey-nice” facade, but the instant you see through it and challenge their delusions, they turn, quite literally, into Nazis, imposing limitations on what you can and can’t do (politically and liturgically).

Seeing as how this post in itself is a “scratch” to a liberal, I’m not going to have free commenting. They can’t help themselves. For this one item, any comments you wish to make should be directed to me at

See? Conservatives value free speech. We tell you when and for how long there will be a limitation. Try posting a comment at – see how far you get. So much for dialogue, eh?

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