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“On Holy Mass”

March 10th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

The following is taken from the spiritual writings of St. Claude de la Colombi?re.

God is more honored by a single Mass than He could be by all actions of angels and men together, however fervent and heroic they might be. Yet few hear Mass with the intention of giving God this sublime honor! How few think with joy on the glory a Mass gives to God. How few rejoice to possess the means of honoring Him as He deserves! How seldom do we thank Jesus Christ that, in doing away with all other sacrifices, He has left us a sacrifice that cannot fail to be pleasing to God, a thank-offering proportionate to the benefits we have received from Him, a victim capable of effacing the sins of the world. 
If we only knew the treasure we hold in our hands! Happy a thousand times those who know how to profit by the Mass! In this adorable Sacrifice they can find all things: graces, riches spiritual and temporal, favors for body and mind for life and eternity.
Yet how often we must confess that we do not even think of using the treasure we possess, we do not even try to grasp it. What value do we set upon holy Mass? With what intentions do we assist at it? How do we hear it? Some come from custom and human respect, and something even from less worthy motives. At Mass they are occupied with useless thoughts; they amuse themselves with looking at the decorations of the church or at the people; they talk and even yawn, not knowing how to occupy themselves. 
Have you never received any favors from God, and have you thanked Him for them? Take care lest through lack of gratitude you prevent God from showering His blessings upon you. It is a strange thing that we who are surrounded and loaded with God’s blessings, we whom God has loved, preserved, and cherished from the first moment of our life until now, have never even thanked Him as we ought.

This we can do in holy Mass!

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