Cleansing Fire

Defending Truth and Tradition in the Roman Catholic Church

Drive the snakes out! 03-17

March 18th, 2010, Promulgated by Choir


Socializing With Socialism



4 Responses to “Drive the snakes out! 03-17”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Forgive me for saying this but I am so fed up with the betrayel of our country by these schismatic nuns,priests, bishops, cardinals, ect that I wish they would just leave and set up their own church.

    They are a cancer that is sadly corrupting everything and everyone they touch. It's beyond hope. Now, the very fabric of our country is in BIG danger of changing because some of the pro-life democrats were influenced by the 51 nuns and the Catholic health association.

    Be gone. I'd rather deal with a small, vibrant church and let these dissenters fragment into a million groups.

  2. Gen says:

    Well said. If these dissidents truly believe what they profess, why don't they just join the Episcopalians? I've been told they don't do this because they believe the pope to be the successor of Peter.

    Actions speak louder than words. If they really believe that, let them submit themselves to the Church as a child submits himself to his mother. In silence, in love, in servitude, and secure in the knowledge that everything is the way it is for a reason.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Things will come to a boil soon. They will sta in trying to "change the church" from the inside. When they see thay they are failing, they will have to do some soul searching.

    They will soon come to the realization they will either fail, or will have to separate. I wonder if anything will be coming out of that big Call to Action meeting in Detroit, next year.

  4. Gen says:

    Other than enough hot-air to refloat the Hindenburg, not a whole lot.

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