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Bishop Clark To Join Ecumenical Stations of the Cross

March 11th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

From the Diocese of Rochester Facebook page:

“All are welcome to join the walk:

What: In Solidarity Against Violence and Social Injustice?An Ecumenical Walk of the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday, April 2, with Bishop Matthew Clark and other Christian religious leaders of the community.

When and where: People are asked to gather at 9:00 a.m. at Covenant United Methodist Church, 1124 Culver Road. Some parking is available in the church lot and there is parking on the side streets. After a short prayer it is estimated the walk will begin at 9:15 a.m., led by area religious leaders.

The purpose of the walk is to ?make holy? through prayer and recognition, the places where there has been violence, and to lift up in thankfulness those community groups bringing hope and healing through their work. As there are 14 ?stations of the cross? there will be 14 stops along the route that will wind its way from the corner of Culver and Parsells to Garson, Webster Avenue, and back to Culver Road, ending the nearly 2 mile walk at Covenant United Methodist Church.

People of all faith or no faith are welcome, including neighbors and businesses along the route who may want to join and/or recognize the pilgrimage as it passes by.
Those who cannot walk the whole distance are encouraged to participate at any point in the walk. “

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3 Responses to “Bishop Clark To Join Ecumenical Stations of the Cross”

  1. Anonymous says:

    And all these years our bishop has ignored the Good Friday walk to protest the violence of abortion.

  2. It's sad when the Stations of the Cross that Christ suffered are no longer enough for people (or even Bishops).

  3. Scott/Mary says:

    I have several questions about this. First, are the 14 stations the actual prayers of the Stations of the Cross? Has the Church organized this event? Will these Stations address the violence of abortion and that violence abortion brings women? What ?community groups? will they be thanking? I will admit, I?m a country girl, and the only city violence we see is the evening news, and I trust little to nothing of what they report. Like anon 8:27, I wonder why the bishop won?t join the group that is over on Elmwood Ave.
    I know many folks who follow this blog long for a new bishop. I myself long for another Calixtus III. When he became pope in 1455, the Moslems were knocking down the door ready to invade Hungry. (If that had happed, it would have opened all of Christian Europe to the Moslems.) He called on all the heads of Europe to ?unite around the cross of Christ?. Unfortunately, the heads of Europe were more interested in fighting among themselves then fighting the true enemy. That didn?t stop Calixtus. He sold all his papal jewels, funded his own army and navy, and sent help to Belgrade which was successful in winning and driving the Moslems away! In thanksgiving, came the degree that on August the 6th, the Feast of the Transfiguration was to be celebrated. Calixtus was a man of his word. He was a man of action. We need another Calixtus to first unite our diocese. These ecumenical services are a false sense of charity. (the word ecumenical should be a banned word from the blog) Why would we say the Stations to help stop violence? The stations are violent!! Why would we thank community groups? We should be thanking our Lord and Savior for enduring these violent acts for love of us. Either I?m missing the boat on this and don?t understand this event, or it?s just another failed attempt of false ecumenism. The following is the prayer Calixtus required every priest to say in every Mass on the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, the day before the crusaders went into battle at Belgrade.
    ?Almighty, everlasting God, to whom all power belongs, and in whose hand are the rights of all nations, protect Thy Christian people and crush by Thy power the pagans who trust in their fierceness. Amen?
    I?m thinking this prayer wasn?t to ecumenical.

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