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A-Maze-ing Fun For All

March 1st, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

Come one, come all, the zany Sacred Heart Cathedral prayer maze will soon be returning to a cathedral near you. Spend hours upon end getting lost on a floor maze drawn on a giant plastic tarp which is probably a twister play area flipped on its backside. You can even bring the kids along so they can have fun tracing with their crayons from start to finish. We ripped out all the pews in the Cathedral for gosh golly fun activities such as this, so be sure to take advantage of it while the maze is in town!

In all seriousness, prayer labyrinths have become a raging New Age fad. The evidence of prayer labyrinth walking in the Middle Ages is shaky at best. Once again, the diocese is willing to embrace New Age while the traditions of the Catholic Church (such as Latin, incense, and chant) are suppressed and condemned in our parishes.

Above is an image of the prayer maze from last year.

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13 Responses to “A-Maze-ing Fun For All”

  1. avatar Isabel says:

    This was in last spring's Cathedral newsletter:
    "For the third consecutive Lent, the Rev. Joy Bergfalk of Brighton shared her prayer labyrinth with the Cathedral Community for three days, March 23 to 25."
    Rev. Joy Bergfalk is a Baptist minister.

    I would take a serious look into what the "Life Changing Prayer" is all about. Who is giving the talk? Hopefully this is not an attempt to sneak "Centering Prayer" to the forefront. If so, I would encourage readers to Google Sharon Lee Giganti and Centering Prayer. She has been a guest on Catholic radio more than once, and I believe she's speaking the truth.

  2. avatar Persis says:

    I believe that Damian Zynda (sp?) of Transfiguration in Pittsford will be giving the talk on ?Life-Changing Prayer.? I do not know too much about her except that she is very involved in Ignatian spirituality, particularly the 19th Annotation of the Spiritual Exercises.
    As I am in the process of ?the exercises? right now, I can attest to the fact that it is indeed ?life-changing prayer?. I do not know if that is what she will be discussing, but I would guess that her theme would be very ?Ignatian?.

  3. avatar Anonymous says:

    No no no! Not the labyrinth again!!! Why can't someone just go into the Cathedral, roll up the big mat, and throw it in the garbage?

  4. avatar Gen says:

    Just adding my random musing –

    St. Ignatius was one of the biggest promoters of the Tridentine Liturgy, not that there were licit or valid options aside from it back then. So many people point to Ignatius, Francis, Dominic, and Benedict saying, "look how they gave up everything for the poor." Yeah, well, they did. What they did also was approach the altar with humility and pious ceremony. People have tended to bring down their actual lives by assigning these men false images, i.e. Ignatius = social rights activist, Francis = the "Green saint" etc . . .

    They loved the Mass, and would not even consider doing something whose roots are so shady that it's probable they aren't even Catholic.

    I know – random – but it's just what I was thinking about. Sue me.

  5. avatar Anonymous says:

    The only people that will use this labyrinth are pear-shaped women in their late 50s.

  6. avatar Matt says:

    to be fair, the Dady Brothers are pretty awesome

  7. avatar Anonymous says:

    Pear shape women in their late 50s.

    What the hell does that mean?

  8. avatar Gen says:

    I think what was meant was that you don't see many college kids doing these feel-good activities.

    I apologize to any pear-shaped conservatives out there.

  9. avatar Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the apology, Gen. I resemble your statement although I'm a bit past 50. You won't see me at the cathedral.

  10. avatar Anonymous says:

    One day in the near future, after our infamous bishop retires, the new bishop may be persuaded by the parishioners of our diocese to restore Sacred Heart Cathedral.

    Can you imagine one day, when the Cleansing Fire web site will be promoting the Masses and activities at a once again, orthodox Sacred Heart Cathedral?

    Until the better days arrive, think positive and fight with everything that you have, to save our precious Church.

  11. avatar Anonymous says:

    Back to the pear shape comment.

    if you meant no college kids you should have said it. My office has been buzzing all day about pear shape women, and flat butt men.LOL

  12. avatar Gen says:

    It wasn't even my comment.

    And the flat-reared men probably have flat-rears because they haven't been sitting in the lush, fluffy, cushioned stadium seating of the cathedral.

  13. avatar Anonymous says:


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