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St. Bridget Closes

February 15th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

St. Bridget church, located in the former St. Theresa building on Mark Street off of Hudson, held their final Mass yesterday morning. The church was nearly full, something that it has struggled to achieve over the past year in a section of the city where few Catholics still remain.

The Democrat & Chronicle has posted an article with a picture gallery here. The images are powerful. These people have now been asked twice to get up and leave their parish church. This really puts it all in perspective for those of us who have been forced to relocate one time. From what I have heard, the homily at the Mass was excellent, and emotions were high.

Our prayers for the people of St. Bridget.

There could still be a number of church closings in the coming year: Our Lady of Mercy, St. George, St. Thomas, and St. Salome.



5 Responses to “St. Bridget Closes”

  1. How sad that the DoR is abandoning their religious duty to the City of Rochester and its citizens, Catholic and non-Catholic alike. Hey Bishop Clark, did you ever hear of the spiritual works of mercy? Look 'em up! You do a fairly good job with those corporal works of mercy. Their stomachs are full, but the souls are aching and their lives are desperate.

    Remember this Buffalo Road, desperate people do desperate things. So part of what leads people to do desperate things will be on the DoR ill-formed conscience for not helping God's children develop along spiritual lines. You're a bunch of weasels!

    The first picture in the D&C; (Disgusting and Crummy) shows the priest removing the altar stone with the relics of saints in them (they aren't necessarily martyr, as is said in the D&C;), they just have to be a saint.

    At least this priest had the good sense to remove the relics unlike what recently happened at the former Catholic Church of St. Augustine on Chili Avenue, where the high altar, made of marble, was blasted apart and tossed in the dumpster along with the relics. It was discovered by a priest who happened just to be driving by the church and noticed all this marble in the dumpster. He checked and found the relics in the tomb.

    Isn't anything sacred to the DoR? If they don't take the Catholic Church seriously, why would they expect anybody else too. What a bunch of mutton-headed dolts. (I'm trying to be kind here, but it's not really working, is it).

    Enough said. Pray for the whole diocese, especially the administration.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Rosaries for Rochester counter was still on the Rochester Catholic web site at:

  3. Gen says:

    That photo of the removal of the altar stone is absolutely heart-rending.

  4. Anonymous says:

    God bless those folks at St. Bridget. They are true fighters. They have been forced to close two church buildings, but they keep their mission going. The impact of these people in this neighborhood, however, will soon be lost. That could be disastrous for a people so desperately in need of God's love as provided through the people of St. Bridget.

  5. FYI – The vestment case in the sacristy at St. Bridget's was dismantled yesterday and will be reinstalled at Saints Peter and Paul's (SSPP). The Coptics at SSPP have done and continue to do significant restoration work. They have put back the altar rail and other restorations are being considered. The Coptics consider the sanctuary as "sacred space" and only reserved for the clergy.

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