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Said Ben Trumps Said Ed

February 2nd, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

The following was sent to us from a devoted supporter, and was found in the January 17, 2010 bulletin for the Church of the Assumption.

Note carefully the second sentence of the second paragraph of this juvenile bit of writing: “At the same time, we should continue to advocate for a change in the Church’s policy regarding who can respond to a call to ordained ministry.” Bear in mind, this from the priest who wears earrings in public. This sentence contains so many errors, it’s nearly impossible to begin. First off, “we should continue to advocate for a change” insinuates that we, the members of the Church, have the authority and the ability to change Her Mystical Body. We have no more ability to ordain women as priests as we do to tell our eyes “smell the incense.” It’s just impossible. It’s been established as it is for 2,000 years. What gives someone the absolutely unmitigated arrogance to take it upon themselves to change this? It was divinely instituted – Tradition has upheld it – martyrs have been killed for it – and yet we, in the tumult of the 21st century think that our meager half-century of experience entitles us to deform our Church.
Now, of course, we can delve even deeper into this treasure trove of sedition. ” . . . regarding who can respond to a call to ordained ministry.” God doesn’t call someone to something if they are unable to achieve it. I am not called to give birth. I may envy a mother’s ability to nourish her young, to literally carry life within her, but I cannot have it. It is a thing wholly unique to motherhood. No matter how strong a desire is, sometimes you have to realize that it does not come from God. I would never dream of actually “desiring” motherhood, partially because I don’t look too good in maternity clothing, but also because I respect the sanctity of that vocation – motherhood. If a woman feels called by God to be a priest, she should look inside herself. Vocations come from God, not from self.
Persis beautifully pointed this out a while back on her blog when she noted, “Did I want to be a priest(ess) for God’s glory, or for my own?”

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3 Responses to “Said Ben Trumps Said Ed”

  1. Persis says:

    I never thought I would be quoted at "Cleansing Fire" in a "good way"!!

    Thanks, Gen!! 🙂

  2. Gen says:

    I'm just full of surprises, Persis.

  3. Matt says:

    I remember reading that particular statement on your blog, Persis, and thinking it pretty awesome that you recognized this.

    incidentally, my word verification is ricula. All i can think of is Ricola commercials. No, I can't think of a way this is a vital, or even useful, piece of information!

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