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Rotten Fruit and the Ladies of Rochester

February 11th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

The following ran this morning in the Democrat and Chronicle’s editorial section.

I’m writing on behalf of three “Ladies of Nazareth” ? my mother (Class of ’35), my sister (Class of ’57) and myself (Class of ’60). It is a tragedy that an institution that was able to survive the Great Depression cannot survive the current educational climate of the Catholic Diocese of Rochester. The education received at Nazareth Academy prepared the three of us to face the complexities and demands of the world as strong, confident women. The seeds of our accomplishments were planted and nurtured at the academy.

Oddly enough, when people really want Catholic schools, when bishops really want vocations, when priests really want to say Masses reverently, it gets done. The closing of Nazareth isn’t a sign of Bishop Clark’s design to eliminate Catholic schools. It’s not a sign of the diocese’s so-called “war on Orthodoxy.” Indeed, it’s not the result of any organized plan or conspiracy. This, dear readers, is the spoiled fruit, fallen from the tree of Apathy, a tree from which most in this country have eaten.



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