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Only At St. Anne

February 12th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

Another reason why a member of the Women’s Ordination Conference is unsuited to lead a Catholic parish:

The Stations of the Cross pertain to the passion and death of the Lord Jesus Christ. Must radical feminism infiltrate everything?

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4 Responses to “Only At St. Anne”

  1. avatar Bernie says:

    At least the folks will know which weeks to skip the Stations (or take them in somewhere else).

    Apparently, the "sacramental minister" is too busy to lead the Stations.

    The priest, an icon of Christ, is more and more replaced with laypeople –no wonder there is a vocation's crisis ("Get used to it. There aren't going to be anymore priests!" The agenda is obvious to anyone who wants to see).

  2. avatar Anonymous says:

    Will the heretic herself be leading these stations? Will the stations of Jesus Christ on the walls be replaced by transgendered figures?

  3. avatar Persis says:

    I am going to play ?Devil?s advocate? again.
    Dr. K,
    I will give you that ?radical feminism? has no place in the Church (or in society in general, as far as I am concerned, but that is another issue), and I do have certain misgivings about the attitude and leadership style of a particular Administrator , and the fact that I have not seen the text of what will be used (I?m not too crazy about the wording in the bulletin, either), however, even with all of the ?baggage?, so to speak, I am still not so sure I understand why you object so much.

    Women are named in 3 of the 4 Gospels as being witnesses to the Crucifixion. And only one disciple is named as actually being a witness, so what harm is there to meditating on the Passion of our Lord, from a perspective that is more feminine? So long as the solemnity and dignity of the Stations themselves is honored, does it matter what version is used?

    This something I really do not understand. It is my experience that those who are more orthodox believe that there is always only ?one way?? I have led the Stations of the Cross at a couple of different parishes and have used many different versions. My favorite is the one the JPII had developed, but I have seen a variety of others also done very well.

    And, to their credit, at least they are offering the Stations, in different formats, and announcing what will be done when. This will allow someone who does not want to participate in that particular version make other arrangements, or say the Stations privately. So long as the devotion is being nourished, I don?t see the point in arguing over what version is used.

    Just my 2 cents!

  4. avatar Gen says:

    St. Francis would not be pleased. The Stations of the Cross were deigned to meditate on Our Lord and Our Lady – no one else. Others may be mentioned, but it should not be presented as being on equal footing with the sufferings of Jesus and the anguish of the Blessed Virgin. This is a clear politicization of a prayer – not a genuine act of female-oriented piety.

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