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Loose Lips Sink Ships

February 15th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

 was browsing some propaganda posters from the Second World War – you would be amazed at the themes that they expressed and the metaphors which we can draw from them. If some of the subject matter regarding this conflict (i.e. stereotypes etc . . . ) bothers you, please don’t feel obligated to make your disdain known.

In the world today, the boot of Nazism has been replaced by the sandal of liberalism. 

The words could easily read,  
“Don’t let the shadow of heresy touch them. Say your rosary.” 
Of course, the shadow could represent a multitude of things for us: liberalism, relativism, heterodoxy, liturgical abuse.

 I think we all know who’s watching us.
Instead of our towns being ravaged by falling bombs or artillery bombardment, our towns are ravaged by church closings and “shifting demographics.” The poster could easily say, 
“It can happen here . . . unless we keep ’em going through seminary. Pray for vocations.”

This is the enemy. Although, now instead of Nazi’s plundering sacred scripture and holy Tradition, we have our own doing it for us. Please pray for our priests, bishops, nuns, monks, cardinals, and lay people, that they stop assailing Holy Truth for their own political agendas.

Loose lips sink ships, yes. Sort of similar to how loose lips give the orthodox the true picture of what’s going in the diocese, a metaphorical sinking ship if I ever saw one. Rumors are detriments to our efforts, but facts – oh, facts can bring about great things. 

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2 Responses to “Loose Lips Sink Ships”

  1. avatar Anonymous says:

    During the Sacred Heart Cathedral renovation scandal, Bishop Clark wrote in the Catholic Courier Newspaper that he felt like he was in a fish bowl. Previously, he must have thought that he could get away with anything, like he operated for so many years.

    There will be no more "secrets".

    Every bishop and cardinal in the United States should be outraged with Bishop Clark's "will" to fight with his own parishioners, instead of backing off a little bit and calming the diocese. What has happened in the Diocese of Rochester, has been exposed to thousands of parishioners in other dioceses across the nation.

    I am sure that Bishop Clark never imagined the power of the Internet and how it would expose his negative actions to the media, parishioners, bishops and the world.

    It is interesting how many people who surrounded Bishop Clark have retired or took other positions away from him. Could all of the pressure possibly be causing our dear bishop to act like a tyrant behind closed doors?

    The truth shall always prevail and Bishop Clark's negative actions will all have been in vain.

  2. avatar Anonymous says:

    Perhaps he feels lonely and abandoned. Maybe that will compell him to turn to God.

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