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I’m Glad Fr. Holland Retired

February 13th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

And this is why…

From the “What If We Just Said Wait” comments page, emphasis and a comment added:

“Thanks for offering us the opportunity to give voice to our disappointment with the process and the product – this new translation of the liturgy. I’ve been a priest for 44 years – so sad to see this injustice, attempting to undermine the great good of Vat II. I concur in Fr Ryan’s analysis of the situation. I will find it impossible to encourage parishioners when I experience no joy-in-faith at what has happened [When the new English translation goes into affect, you MUST use it]. We priests are on the front lines and have much pastoral wisdom. We need to be heard on this matter. Thank you.

Daniel F Holland | Priest | Rochester | USA”

In image form:

Your retirement is our gain, Fr. Holland. Enjoy it well. I am elated that you will no longer be able to corrupt so many minds as when you were pastor of St. Pius X and were promoting inclusive language liturgies and women’s ordination.

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11 Responses to “I’m Glad Fr. Holland Retired”

  1. This is the same priest who stumped for women's ordination in his bulletin. He doesn't seem to grasp the virtue of obedience.

  2. Gen says:

    We've had others do the same thing: Fr. Palumbos at Assumption, Fr. Murphy at St. Louis, etc. ad infinitem.

    I yearn for the day when priests and nuns actually consider their vows of obedience.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Too bad but someday, they ae going to have to make an accounting to BIG MANAGEMENT as to why they did what they did. And If I am like you, I don't look good with a millstone around my neck.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Rich and Gen on the matter, but would like to point out that Father Holland was "obedient" to his bishop and you actually heard Father convey Bishop Matthew Harvey Clark's personal agenda of inclusive language liturgies and women's ordination.

    You have to remember that the bishop can control every aspect of a priest's life such as housing, parish assignment, paycheck, medical benefits, and even sending a priest to the other side of the diocese or for a mental evaluation.

    A bishop can send a priest who enjoys working in the city out to a country parish. These negative actions can cause a priest to feel miserable.

  5. Dr. K says:

    Very good point. Although Fr. Holland is far from obedient to the Holy Father and the Church, he and Bishop Clark see eye to eye on several topics.

    There is a reason why we see the most progressive priests installed as leaders of the largest parishes in our diocese, and that reason is to brainwash as many minds as possible with progressive theology. While this is going on, Fr. Antinarelli and Fr. Bonsignore aren't even permitted to serve as pastors. Instead, these holy men are assigned to administer inner-city churches and hospital communities. Other traditional priests in our diocese are reduced to teaching positions; they don't even get appointed to a parish.

    Oh how I pray that this will all change in 2012. I hope to see the day when the progressives are banished to the small parishes out in the countryside, while the traditional priests are given control over St. Joseph, St. Louis, and the other mega-churches in our diocese. The Fr. Hollands of the world need as small an audience as we can give them until they reach retirement and their complaints carry little weight.

    ~Dr. K

  6. Anonymous says:

    Now, men like those two are the saints. We all complain about dificulties that are only temporary.

    Yet these two men have suffered 24/7 for years and have proclaimed their faithfulness to Christ.

    I think the mere resiliance of men like these must anger the powers in the DOR because they know they can't break them. Their mere presence must tweak their consciences.

  7. Scott/Mary says:

    I remember when Fr. Francis Blighton passed away. We arrived at St. Charles for his funeral Mass, and there was a ton of priests there.They were talking out loud to each other. When Fr. Antinarelli came in,(he was a classmate) he walked up to Fr. Blighton's casket, lovingly kiss him on the head, passed in front of his fellow priests, went over to a pew, knelt down,took out his rosary and started praying silently. The rest of the priests stopped talking. (I was glad to have a quiet atmosphere to prepare for Mass) Oh yes, he does tweak their consciences.
    Both Fr.Bonsignore and Antinarelli, have a wonderful roles in our diocese. They are the islands one can retreat to. I know Fr. Antinarelli has made a remarkable following at OLV, but he also is quite popular with the RIT and other college students. Many attend the 7:30 Sunday Mass. Fr. Bonsignore helps many souls at Monroe Community Hospital and other hospitals as they begin their eternity. Administering the last sacrament of Holy Mother Church to help them in their journey. This is the goal. Fr. Holland and the others who look for earthly recognition are missing a huge opportunity to help souls. Instead he used I statements throughout the article, and how it will effect him. It's the difference between a holy priest who says,"How can I serve you and help you get to heaven" and Fr. Holland who says, "This doesn't make me joyful"
    Pray for all our priests. Our holy obedient ones, the lonely and overworked ones, the depressed and oppressed and the ones in schism and heretical ones. Our Lady Queen of clergy, pray for them, Amen

  8. ben says:

    Dr. K, I live in the countryside…be careful what you wish on us ;]

  9. Anonymous says:

    My hope and prayer is that we get the kind of Bishop that will be grateful and appreciate great Priests like Father Antinarelli and Father Bonsignore. One that will say to them help me lead the people of Rochester. One that will see the sacifices these 2 Priest so willing give day after day. One that is not afraid to step in shake things up for the good of God. One that will love respect and obey our Pope.

  10. Anonymous says:


    If our Pope really knows what we are going through in Rochester, like you say he does,I think he will give us a great Priest like the 2 Saint like ones mentioned above. I hope he also gives credit to the 3 guys running Cleansing fire for helping,teaching and encouraging the Rochester folks to hang in.

  11. Gen says:

    A nod of the miter would suffice.

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