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If We Were a Parish

February 9th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

Lately, I have been thinking about the certain parishes that are growing, those that are closing, those that are diverse, those that are lily-white, those that are young, those that are old. I have come to the conclusion that, if we the people of Cleansing Fire were to literally band together to have a parish, we could.

For instance:

  • We have around 300 unique readers each day. Most parishes get maybe 20-50 for a daily Mass. 
  • We have more liturgical know-how than any of the lay administrators running various churches, i.e. St. Mary’s, St. Anne, Guardian Angels, Good Shepherd. While these parishes have maybe one or two full-time priests, we have at least eight local priests, twenty local nuns, and several local deacons all reading on a regular basis. Some have even ordered and distributed prayer cards. 
  • We have a better sense of the difference between sacred and profane – just look at the Catholic eye candy all over the site.
  • We have a schola (choir). We hope to have our first recording out sometime before the summer. The talent in this schola is also unrivaled in about 90% of parishes. (If you wish to join, email me at
  • We have also received the same number of visits from the bishop as has Our Lady of Victory and the Latin Mass Community combined. (0+0=0)

Now the things which we don’t have:

Sort of makes you wish we had our own Cleansing Fire chapel, doesn’t it? Well, we can dream.

This brings me to a question for you all. Please post your answers in the comment section.

  • If we actually had a chapel, what would it be called? Who would the patron saint be? 



5 Responses to “If We Were a Parish”

  1. avatar Nate says:

    The patron saint would definitely have to be St. Lawrence.
    In keeping with the cleansing fire theme, is their a better martyr than one whose last words, while being burned alive, were "This side is done, turn me over"?

  2. avatar Gen says:

    Excellent, Nate.

    By the way – prayer cards in the mail.

  3. The Chapel of St. John Fisher
    Since he is thy patron saint {]:-)

  4. avatar CPT Tom says:

    Correction, we have two scholas. yours and the one we have down here in Corning. This way we can do alternation and organum more easily! 😛

    Bottom line I suggest, say the Black and do the Red is the guiding principle liturgically.

  5. avatar Anonymous says:

    The Marian Movement of Priests ( often refers to the "faithful remnant".
    These are the people that "will remain faithful to Jesus and to his Gospel, to the Pope and to the Church united with him.(497e)"
    Could you unwittingly be imagining a parish that is part of this faithful remnant?

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