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Those Who Like to “Wait”

January 9th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

A few more Rochester personalities have signed the “What If We Just Said Wait?” petition; an attempt by the liturgical left to delay and derail the revised, and much-improved, English translation of the Roman Missal. The latest signers include a priest, a deacon, and a religious sister.

Here are the newest signers:
Priests- Fr. Thomas Nellis, Holy Ghost (he’ll be retiring this Spring)
Deacons- Rev. Mr. George Dardess
Religious- Sr. Janice Nadeau, SSND

Bringing the total number of each group signing from Rochetser to:
Priests- 14
Deacons- 3
Religious- 13
Lay “Ministers”- 18

And the updated lists are:


Previous edition here.



8 Responses to “Those Who Like to “Wait””

  1. I think you should also list the women who claim to be "priests"

  2. Gen says:

    We don't have enough space for that.


  3. dbb says:

    George Dardess is not at Blessed Sacrament anymore.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Do you know where he is now?

  5. dbb says:

    I don't think he's connected with a parish now, but he left Bl. Sacrament a while ago and I don't really remember.

    While I'm here, does anyone know what's the deal is with the small church on the corner of Winton and Browncroft? It's called Chapel of the Holy Name of Mary and on it's sign it says that it is Catholic and has traditional Latin masses. There's no sign of it on the DOR website, though, and I've never really heard anything about it.

  6. Dr. K says:

    That parish is schismatic, they are not in union with Rome. It's part of the Society of St. Pius V, a Traditional Latin Mass society. However, they are sedevacantists; they do not believe we have a true pope right now because of what has happened to the Church since the Council.

    ~Dr. K

  7. Mary Kay says:

    Dardess stepped down from parish work to focus on interfaith work with area Muslims. He might still attend Blessed Sacrament for Sunday Mass though.

    My first thought when I heard that was "so Catholics are chopped liver?" but on second thought, orthodoxy wasn't his strong point.

  8. dbb. What Dr. K wrote is correct. I used to attend that chapel over 20 years ago when it was in different hands. If you want the Traditional Latin Mass, come on over to St. Stanislaus on Sundays (you get to sleep in late as Mass starts at 1:30). There is a High Mass on January 24th, if you would like to attend. The Mass at St. Stan's is approved by the Diocese of Rochester. No sede-vacantist there.

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