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The French Are Angry

January 17th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

For those of you who say with confidence that there is no hope for the Church in France, you are sadly mistaken.

Events have unfolded of late which point in the other direction. In the small, rural diocese of Evreux, in Normandy, France, a bishop has removed a priest from his parish for “a very good reason.” No, the priest was not a pedophile. He was not embezzling Church funds. He did not slander the bishop. He did not break any law, be it civil or ecclesiastic.

He said the Latin Mass.

This priest, Fr. Michel, was the parish priest of Thiberville, a small town which embraces its faith very closely. When the bishop discovered that one of his priests was openly saying the Latin Mass, showing a clear and undeniable preference towards orthodoxy, he decided to remove him. During Mass on, what I am told, was the Feast of the Epiphany, the bishop visited the parish of Thiberville to explain his reasoning for firing the priest.

A riot broke out. No joke. Women stormed the pulpit, not to preach, but to push the bishop, physically, while shouting, “Why do you wear these?” (rainbow vestments) and “You should leave, not Fr. Michel!”

Watch the video. It’s about 10 minutes long and in French, but you can figure out what’s going on just by the absolutely tremendous reaction of the people to this brazen and hostile heterodoxy.

Click here for the video: 

The way the people feel about Fr. Michel is how people in Rochester feel about someone like Fr. Antinarelli. You will see how it is most decidedly “his” parish. Everyone likes him. The church building is beautiful, and there is no controversy. However, the moment the bishop decides to impose heterodoxy, a literal riot breaks out. Towards the end of the video, you will see Fr. Michel back at his church. I presume the bishop backed down. Anyways, he starts his homily with the words, “I will say nothing of it.” What a humble man, that in the face of such popular support for the Church and his parish, he will not bask in the glory. We need priests like Fr. Michel, who are orthodox, loved by their parishioners, and give the people a steady, unwavering love for Tradition and Truth.



4 Responses to “The French Are Angry”

  1. Oh, Father Michel is most definately an orthodox priest. What what I understand from the video, is that this town has always been very orthodox. May the Grace of God shine upon him, and may he be blessed!

  2. Anonymous says:

    We still have too many homosexuals running the Church into the dirt. This rainbow chasuble bishop being one of them.

  3. There is anecdotal evidence that there are more people inside SSPX chapels than diocesan churches in Paris every Sunday.

  4. Gen says:

    I should tend to believe it. Perhaps if/when the SSPX is brought back, their efforts will be the thing that saves the faith in France? I'm not miter-nodding here. Just speculating.

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