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St. Joseph Brought In HOW Much Money?

January 7th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

Take a look at these collection totals:

$48,522.17 was brought in from their Christmas Masses, and another $22K from the weekend of the 27th. St. Joseph regularly has collections that total over $20,000, and at times over $30,000. What do they do with all that money? I realize they tithe (hopefuly well north of 10%), but I sure hope that their tithe for Christmas amounted to $40,000, because there is no way a parish could need anywhere near that much money.

Take a look at the Dec. 27th tithe for Our Lady of the America’s/Corpus Christ church. $72.88 was given to them. Come on people… What about the other $48,449.29?

In my personal opinion, a good idea would be to take how much you need for parish maintenance and salaries (say $6,000 unless everyone in the parish is a lay minister and needs to be paid for that), take a little for savings/capital improvement, say $2,500, and then give the remaining $40,000 to charity. Maybe I’m just dreaming, or maybe it’s a darn good idea that should be tried out.


12 Responses to “St. Joseph Brought In HOW Much Money?”

  1. avatar Anonymous says:

    If St. Joe's were to spread the wealth around to our poor city parishes, nobody would need to close.

  2. avatar Anonymous says:

    Where is ST. Joseph?

  3. avatar Anonymous says:

    Get ready for the urban ministry tax St. Joe's!

  4. avatar Gen says:

    It's in Penfield, Anon.

  5. avatar Anonymous says:

    St. Joe's is going to need that $$ – they're being liberated from the MCCS (Monroe County Catholic Schools) and will be responsible for coming up with all the expenses to run their school. They will no longer be taxed by the diocese to support the other MCCS schools. This is happening to three other schools/parishes as well.

    Pray that this has only a positive effect on both St. Joe's and the other parishes/schools in the diocese!

  6. avatar Nerina says:

    Is this the church that is undergoing a renovation soon? That is alot of money, and I agree with Dr. K. Our churches should be doing a much better job of setting an example in charitable giving.

  7. avatar Anonymous says:

    Anon 9:43
    Can you give more info on this school deal? Sounds like what we wanted to do when they closed us down. Details please!

  8. avatar Anonymous says:

    St. Joseph School is indeed preparing for the time when they will no longer be supported by the diocese, but I've never heard of a firm timeline.
    It seemed to me that they were planning after seeing the writing on the wall two years ago.
    The parish (supported by the pastor)is committed to preserving the future of the school.
    It's too bad Holy Cross, Holy Trinity and St. John Rochester weren't afforded the same opportunity.

  9. avatar Anonymous says:

    At St. Joseph's, the Christmas Eve Masses are so over-full you have to have a ticket for admission.

  10. avatar Anonymous says:

    I'm not sure of the timeline for St. Joe's. I believe it begins next school year. I don't know that it's voluntary…

    I, too, believe that Holy Cross, St. John's of Rochester, Holy Trinity, etc. should have been given the opportunity to exist on their own if they so chose.

    I think we (as the Church Militant) should do a better job explaining to our Catholic and general public why a Catholic education is better than a public education. And I believe we need to make sure it really is better.

    ~Anon 9:43

  11. avatar Anonymous says:

    Hopefully, the teachers will espouse true Catholic teachings to make our schools worthy of that comment.

  12. avatar Anonymous says:

    If they dismantle the MCCS system, what's to stop us from opening our own schools back up? We couldn't be competition for something that doesn't exist.

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