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Response To Progressive Complant Regarding the Missal Translations

January 9th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

Several progressive bloggers/writers have been making comments about the revised translation of the Roman Missal. Some of these people suggest that the new Missal is being shoved down our throats and it isn’t the will of the people or the priests/bishops of America, but rather of the Vatican.

Well, let’s review how the UNITED STATES bishops voted on the revised translations, lest one think the U.S. is being muscled by the Vatican; which oh by the way, is the head of our Church.

[Legend- In favor, against, abstention]

Order of Mass- 173-29 (2006)
Proper of Saints: 195-23-4
Missal Supplement: 203-15-3
Commons: 200-19-0
U.S. Propers: 199-20-1
U.S. Adaptations: 199-17-0

The dominating majority was heard. If only these progressives would stop standing in the way of the organic development of the liturgy. Funny how they criticize people who like the Traditional Latin Mass as being “stuck in the year 1962.” Should we consider these progressives who oppose the revised translations stuck in the year 1969?



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