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Poll #26 – How To Handle the “Wait” Crowd

January 17th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

It’s no surprise that a large handful of Diocese of Rochester priests, deacons, and administrators have signed the What If We Just Said Wait petition. For a moment here, put on the miter. If this was going on under your watch as bishop, how would you handle it? Would there be punishments? Would they be public or private? What would you do?

How should the DoR handle priests/adminstrators who sign the “What if we just said wait” petition?

Results from poll #25 – How much fuller was your church this Christmas? Of 26 votes cast, 31% answered 26-50% more people. The rest of the votes were spread about the other categories. Thanks for voting.



2 Responses to “Poll #26 – How To Handle the “Wait” Crowd”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I find this questionre a bit silly. First of all, this current administration relishes such dissent in its priests because they want the church moving in that direction.

    A better hypothetical question is how would an orthodox bishop handle the situation. And the new bishop will be inheriting this mess. Over 25 priests signing petitions for homosexual priests and the latest nonsense of the translations.

    My thoughts are that the new bishop find out and discover the ring leaders. I would give them first the opportunity to rein themselves in. If they are unable to do so, I would put everyone of them on indefinate leave of absence and then borrow replacement priests from other dioceses to take their place. And if the whiners complain, I would simply try and make it a teaching moment. And if the follower priestrs refuse to comply, it's buon voyage mi amigos.

    I would institute the blessed sacrament in each parish and ask Our Lady' and Our Lords help to straighten out this mess.

    And I would use faithful Catholics like peole on these blogs to assist me in this ministry because 30 years of corrupt sinfulness will not go away overnite.

  2. Gen says:

    You touched on two things which I sincerely hope the next bishop will do: a clear focus on Eucharistic adoration, be it in a monstrance or in a tabernacle. Secondly, he must listen to people other than those who are associated with St. Bernard's or Sacred Heart. That parish is not the diocese. The bishop should ordinarily represent the whole of the diocese, but we can clearly see that Bishop Clark is oriented more towards the leftists than the orthodox.

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