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Our Award-Winning Cathedral

January 15th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

Nod of the miter: Fallacies and Fashions

The Democrat & Chronicle over at its “Roc Now” site is reporting today that the construction company which destroyed Sacred Heart Cathedral, LaBella Associates, has been awarded the “Religious Architecture Award” for the job it did on our Cathedral. Here is the reason why they won, with emphasis and commentary:

“In selecting the cathedral project, the Faith & Forum jury said, ‘The new design respects the community, celebrates it in a new way, and changes the focus of the worship experience.’ [See, even people outside the Catholic Church recognize that what happened was a transformation from God-centered worship to man-centered worship. Religion to progressives is nothing more than a celebration of community] Renovation brought the 75-year-old Gothic Revival cathedral into compliance with current Roman Catholic liturgical standards [That’s laughable — There is no precedent whatsoever for what our Cathedral has become. Rather, these liturgical leftists are trying to create their own], refocused ritual spaces [on the community] and added new space for gatherings and offices.”

See, these people get it. Our Cathedral is about seeing one another. Good thing the wreckovaters moved the tabernacle… we wouldn’t want people to be distracted from the true meaning of the Catholic faith.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I treat the D&C; like I treat items from dissenting individuals. Use for toilet paper. Just ignore the culture of death. I think we all know the D&C; is a card carrying member.

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