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Let’s Try It Again

January 19th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

Seeing as how I forgot to include many parishes when I put the poll up about “what parish do you attend,” I rewrote it and posted it at right. Please feel free to vote. I included every Rochester parish, and only omitted some of the rural parishes, smaller worship communities, etc . . . Nothing against our friends in the southern tier, but I think that most of us will find our parishes in the list I have posted.



9 Responses to “Let’s Try It Again”

  1. Persis says:

    I don't see St. Charles Borromeo in Greece on this list. Is this an oversight or do you have a reason?

  2. Mike says:


    I think Gen got his list from DOR's current Parish-by-Parish CMA posting.

    SCB is not included there because their 2009-10 CMA drive has been rolled into their capital fund raising drive.

  3. gretchen says:

    St. John's in Spencerport also seems to be missing, as does St. Louis (Pittsford)…

  4. Gen says:

    I focused on the **major** parishes, i.e. relevant to our ongoing reporting, positive and negative. Mike's right – I went by what the diocese has on their site.

    The reason St. Louis is omitted is because we have practically no readership in Pittsford. Those that do read attend Our Lady of Victory. I don't know of a single Pittsfordian who reads this and can actually stomach the kind of things that happen at St. Louis. I guess that parish's puppet-homilies push people downtown.

  5. Nate says:

    As someone who moved relatively recently to the Pittsford area, and had to attend nearly 15 churches to find one that could be deemed "orthodox", (eventually found OLV) I can say that St. Louis is by no means the worst parish

    I am not saying that it is good, or even acceptable, but there are worse parishes out there. Moving from a relatively conservative diocese, I was shocked to see lay homilies, gay masses, professions that Al Gore is a modern day prophet, and reading children's books as an excuse for a Christmas Day Mass homily, etc. I can at least understand how someone could attend St. Louis (as I do know someone who is a conservative parishioner of that parish), because, frankly, there are other parishes in the area that are even tougher to stomach.

  6. Gen says:

    You missed the puppet show homilies, Nate. lol

    In terms of disloyalty, I should go from the bottom up: St. Mary's Downtown, Good Shepherd, SA/OLOL, Guardian Angels, then St. Louis. This is by no means the definitive list – it's just for perspective.

  7. Nate says:

    like I said, I'm new to the area

  8. Gen says:

    Nate – if you talk to Ian about it, he will tell you vast amounts. He's a refugee to OLV from St. Louis.

  9. Yapollo says:

    Yes, Nate, fear St. Mary's Downtown if you are a true Believer. Well, I won't harp on it, just read the blog, they put it better than I could.

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