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Interdict Notice: Montana

January 5th, 2010, Promulgated by Gen

As reported on Zenit:
(Emphasis and comments solely mine.)

Montana Becomes 3rd US State to OK Euthanasia

HELENA, Montana, JAN. 1, 2010 ( The Montana Supreme Court decided Thursday that there is nothing in state law preventing doctors from helping patients to kill themselves, making it the third U.S. state to approve euthanasia. (What authority does “state law” have when compared to Natural Law? What about common sense? Would a child concoct the idea, “hey, you’re old. You don’t need to breathe any more, right?”)
Oregon and Washington also allow doctors to prescribe the necessary drugs to commit suicide.(But these same states hold that the actual suicide is a crime. Anyone else see the dearth of logic here?)
Opponents of the measure are already planning to bring the issue to legislature.
Two judges opposed the decision, contending that the court was reversing long-standing public policy. (At least there are two.)



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