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Domus Dei or Pizza Hut?

January 28th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

I have nothing to say… these images from Holy Apostles speak for themselves.



18 Responses to “Domus Dei or Pizza Hut?”

  1. Sister Emily says:


  2. Scott/Mary says:

    How sad. We can only pray that the Blessed Sacrament was removed before all this took place. My Jesus have mercy on us for not respecting your house.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It reminds me of Jesus driving out the money changers, or now, the fast food junkies. What a desecration. Is there anything these pwoplw won'y stoop yo?

  4. It pains me to see this. As another commenter said, lets pray that the Blessed Sacrament was removed. Also, it pains me to see this is a church with such nice windows! And beautiful statues!

  5. Nerina says:

    Dr. K,

    You're killing me, here…

  6. Dr. K says:

    Mea culpa 🙂

    ~Dr. K

  7. Persis says:

    This really is a disgrace!
    I live near HA and know that it is a large campus (a school building, a rectory and a convent), do they not have a more appropriate place for a pizza party?
    I am all for fostering a sense of community, but this just crosses the line.

  8. Anonymous says:

    If you have a full time job in which you worked among the poorest of the poor in the inner City of Rochester, you will understand my point of view.

    There is a tremendous amount of suffering in our inner city with drug and alcohol abuse, child abuse, poverty and a reality that many streets and whole neighborhoods are not safe. The pain and suffering, physically and mentally is beyond belief. You have to see it and hear it, to believe it.

    The huge prostitution problem in the area of this parish is out of control. These are daughters, nieces, cousins, granddaughters and friends of city and suburban residents, including many Catholics. This is sexual slavery taking place right in our own neighborhood.

    Just getting parishioners and residents into a parish ("House" of the Lord) is a uphill battle, due to Bishop Clark's negative actions and lack of leadership. Bishop Clark turned his back on the poorest of the poor and closed most of the parishes in the inner city.

    Many wonderful ministries that served the poor were forced to be abandoned. Most Catholics in the Diocese didn't know about the ministries and all of the good work that was done at these neighborhood parishes.

    You have to get this message out of Rochester. Your letters and email have to go to the Rome, the Papal Nuncio – Archbishop Pietro Sambi in Washington, DC and the local and national news and media.

    The old saying is true: "the squeaky wheel gets the grease".

  9. RochChaCha says:

    Where's 'Christopher' who posted the other day about the outdoor picnic mass? I wonder if he would say, 'What would Jesus say, as long as they are coming to church and being in the presense of Christ, who cares if they are eating pizza and Doritos in church.

    This diocese is a complete and utter mess. Thank God there are still a couple of churches left in the diocese that are beacons of hope.

  10. Christopher says:

    RochChaCha and I work together so he's busting my chops. I can only assume the priest was not present during this or didn't know about this? It is sad to see this was allowed. Even Protestants like "The Father's House" don't allow food in their place of worship. I was actually planning on attending mass there this Sunday at noon (since the time works best for a late riser like myself) but now I question whether I should…

    What's your take on Blessed Sacrament? Was thinking about checking out their noon mass this Sunday. I recently moved to Brighton from Webster (St Ritas) and I'm looking for a new church.

  11. Anonymous says:

    If you're going to Blessed Sacrament, you should expect a moderate kind of Mass. Nothing too bad, but it's nowehere as orthodox as OLV. OLV is only about five minutes from Blessed Sacrament, so I'd give that my vote.

    Avoid St. Mary's, Our Lady of Lourdes, St. Anne, etc . . .

  12. Laura says:


  13. Christopher, If you're a "late riser" you can also go to the Tridentine Latin Mass at 1:30 p.m. The church is at the corner of Hudson Avenue and Norton Street. Can't miss it! This Sunday is a Low Mass. The next High Mass is February 21st.

  14. Exactly what these people need is what the DoR is not giving them.

    They need (actually the whole diocese does) a Catholic Church that will stand up and tell them what is a right way to live and what is not a right way to live. The Church should preach fire-and-brimstone because this resonates with hard core inner city people. And these people know when they are being bulls***ed. They may NEVER have heard true Catholic teaching in their whole life and the Church has the true teachings of Christ and the Bishop leaves them floundering. Liberal compassion! Souls perishing. Christ lifted up and helped people out of the gutters of life; Bishop Clark just walks by them and toss them some Dorito crumbs. I wish I could clunk Clark and Hart's heads together and take them by the scruff of their necks to places (not in this diocese) where true Catholic teaching is turning people's lives around and making them good Catholics and good and better citizens.

    Why does all of this get me so worked up? I abhor this eating in church; but it works me up more that souls are just plain being lost by this dunderhead of a Bishop with his head in the clouds followed by a bunch of "yes" men and women. All of these chancery-crats don't have a pair of agates among them.

    If this is liberal Catholicism then Father Sarda y Salvany was correct in naming his book "Liberalism is a Sin".

    Here it is if you want to look it up

  15. Yapollo says:

    This is but another example of the Church's degrading condition. We must remain strong faithful Christains in this time, and if we can be faithful witnesses to Christ, then the true believers will join.

  16. Sister Emily says:

    CHRISTOPHER, I too would like to say,if you haven't been to Our Lady of Victory or St. Stanislaus you really should try them both. They are unlike any other Church in this area. Make sure you bring Roch Cha Cha with you.

    Hope to see you there.

  17. Tony says:

    I wasn't invited to this sacrilegious event. Too bad. I would have loved going Jesus on everyone, turning over the table with the food and throwing the people out of God's house.

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