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Diocese of Rochester Parish Links to Dissenting Groups

January 26th, 2010, Promulgated by Dr. K

For today’s second post about St. Elizabeth Ann Seton church in Hamlin (led by Fr. Spilly), we will direct you to the links page of their parish Web site located at:

Below is a screenshot:

One will quickly notice that there are a number of links posted here that one would find on Spiritus Christi’s Web site; not the site of a parish which is in good standing with the Roman Catholic Church.

Let’s look at a few of the links found on the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton page, shall we?

#3- Call to Action (From the CTA Web site, CTA believes: “laity and clergy are to be consulted in the formulation of church doctrine and discipline, including human sexuality, academic freedom, roles of the laity and liturgical issues… the priesthood is open to all people: single, married, women, men”)
#12- FutureChurch (From the FutureChurch Web site, FC believes: “FutureChurch is concerned about the related issues of women in ministry, optional celibacy, inclusive language, and Church decision-making that involves all the faithful, as called for by Vatican II.”)
#17- Spiritus Christi (This one goes without saying. Disgusting that it would appear here, but makes sense considering Fr. Spilly is a good friend of Callan’s who was mentioned around seven times in his Studentbaker Corporation book.)
#26- Voice of the Faithful (The Rochester site no longer exists at the address they linked to, but here is what VOTF believes: “To shape structural change within the Church: We respect the teaching authority of the Church and recognize the role that the hierarchy should exercise in discernment. It is essential, however, that all the people of God be involved in this process of discernment. We will therefore devote ourselves to advancing meaningful and active engagement of the laity in the life of the Church.”)

All of the above are dissenting groups, Spiritus Christi obviously being schismatic. These links do not belong on the parish links page of any Roman Catholic Web site. They should be taken down immediately, for all of these Web sites encourage dissent, and at times, heresy.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh yes, I know this priest very well. Let's just say he's the "change from within the institution" version of Callan. They are sheep of the same flock.

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