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Venerable Pope John Paul II

December 19th, 2009, Promulgated by Gen

The Vatican has just announced that Pope John Paul II has been declared “venerable” due to his “heroic virtues.” Pope Benedict, the same day, also signed the documents declaring Pope Pius XII “venerable.”

The following is from CNN:

“The cause for sainthood for Pius XII was introduced a long time ago,” Lombardi said. “Today’s decree is not a historical judgment on Pius XII or on his papacy. It is a judgment that the church gives on Pius XII’s personal sanctity, on his Christian life achievements. The congregation and the pope have no doubts that Pius XII led a Christian life in an extraordinary and heroic way.”

I pray that within the next couple decades we will see these two great men canonized. They represent all that is good in the Church – Pope Pius XII stands for the glory of Tradition and Pope John Paul II stands for the glory of social justice and making the Catholic Church “relevant” to so many people.



8 Responses to “Venerable Pope John Paul II”

  1. CJ says:

    If The Church canonizes that koran kissing Modernist(May God rest his soul)I will know for a FACT that the Holy Ghost has left the building.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Let us pray it doesn't happen. What a horrid scandal that would be. If it would happen, may God forbid, it would prove there is no infallibility in modern canonizations, not that the Holy Ghost "left the building". But I think Jesus may still be napping in the bottom of the boat so let's just keep praying and try not to waken Him or he'll scold us too.

  3. Gen says:

    I think that whatever one's personal opinions are of the man, JPII did a lot or us, primary among them, teaching us how to suffer with silent dignity rather than to make a show out of pain and illness. He roused a new generation of faithful (yes, faithful) young Catholics and is the one, let us not forget, who personally chose Ratzinger to be so instrumental in the Vatican. Sure, orthodoxy may not have been his style, but he still did many noble things.

  4. Carl says:

    It most certainly IS a judgment on the history and the papacy of both these popes. You can't separate the living out of the lives of faith, call it a heroic virtue and claim to say the fruits of their lives are of no consequence. It is by their fruit that we shall know them. Or are we to think that the same tree can produce both good and evil fruit?

    One need only look at the papacies and histories of previously canonized popes to compare. There is much scandal, shame and loss with the one, but only the false accusations of a group of evildoer infidels to try to tarnish the reign of the other.

    Do not give to one where it is not due and deny merit to another where it is.

  5. CJ says:

    JPII assigned most of the apostate and homosexual bishops we have been suffered. He did no more to show how a Catholic is to suffer with dignity than any of the rest of us do every single day. What he aroused is a new generation of Protestant youth within the Catholic church. Why? Because he allowed everything. Anything goes. It's all good. You see them. They're the ones in t-shirts and shorts and profane the Eucharist at Novus Ordos. Do not credit him with the youth that flock to the Gregorian Rite. They are only there because they saw the stark difference between the two and they fled the Novus Ordo. He allowed Altar girls and Paw Communion. Seminaries were homo hangouts and female orders became New Age and feminist. Church buildings were sacked and sacred object defiled. He gave us Theology of the Body for crying out loud and paved the way for NFP. He allowed the Holy Mass to be imprisoned!!! His papacy produced Pelosi, Kerry, Kennedy, Biden, and the rest. Abortionists, Homosexualists, and Marxists every one of them and look where they have brought our nation.

    And I will never get over the words he used when he gave us our Mass that he kept in bondage for forty years. Like he was handing us a bone. "For those who have some attachment to the old Mass" Bah! That tells all I need to know about Pope John Paul II's form of Catholicism.

    No, Gen. I can't agree with you at all though I understand your desire to be kind towards a deceased Pope. I love him too. I loved him because he was my pope but I'm not blind to what took place on his watch. The Church was nearly destroyed. Do what he asked of us while he was dying. Pray for him. I think he knew his papacy was a disaster and that he would need all the help he could get. Pray for him but please don't try to put a halo on his head.

  6. Dr. K says:

    Pope John Paul II is more of a Mother Theresa type in my opinion; he was a very kind and holy man. That does not necessarily mean that he was the greatest leader our Church has ever seen, as he was far too lax in dealing with abuses, and put too much trust in Arch. Jadot in appointing progressive bishops. One could take the first and second halves of PJPII's reign and mark the Spirit of VII era and the beginning of the actual VII era that has carried over into Pope Benedict's papacy.

    ~Dr. K

  7. Gen says:

    Watch out, Dr. K. I think they're out to lynch us! lol jk

  8. Gen says:

    Seriously, though – JPII was a saintly person whose actions were obviously human, not Divine. No saint, or blessed, or venerable etc. . . is perfect. To restrict his saintly status due to oversights (however massive they were) is being a but unfair, in my humble opinion.

    I'm still waiting for the canonization of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots.

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