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The Theology of Progressives

December 7th, 2009, Promulgated by Dr. K

From the Spiritus Christi Facebook page:

Sure, this little tidbit makes you feel good about yourself, but so what? If all you are ever taught is that you’re wonderful in every way in the eyes of God, why would one need to go to Confession, end sinful ways, or even do acts of charity? That would seem to clash with the statement above. Why bother to live Christian lives if God already thinks we’re wonderful the way we are? That’s the problem with the theology of progressives, there simply is no concept of sin or the consequences thereof.

There are consequences for sin, and those consequences could include eternal damnation. However, you just don’t hear that from progressives. Instead of constantly feeding people feel-good glop, it would be more beneficial for their eternal well-being to be told that God loves each and every one of us, and will welcome with open arms all who seek His loving forgiveness and attempt to live their lives according to His laws. You’re still giving a positive feel-good message when you say this, but you’re also reminding people that we need to avoid sin.

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7 Responses to “The Theology of Progressives”

  1. Anonymous says:

    That is because they despise the cross. They fear it and they hate it just like other Protestants. Well, we know what Jesus said about that now, don't we?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good point about the cross. A lot of the progressive churches have Christ-less crosses, or even a cross with a transgendered person on it.

  3. Dr. Van Helsing der Klingenstein says:

    "Staurophobia". Za fearr of za crrucifixz. Az you zay, zhiz phobia iz verry common vith za Prrrrrotestantz. Und za vampirrez.

  4. Ben Anderson says:

    If a church doesn't have something better to offer me than "you're ok, I'm ok" than I find that depressing. It is much more optimistic to me to have a Church that says, "you're not ok – things can be so much better for you".

  5. Gen says:

    Dr. V – If I were a bishop, and if this were my diocese, you would be a monsignor by now.

  6. Dr. Van Helsing der Klingenstein says:

    Zhank you, my dearr. But not undtil za veirdo bizhop you got rretirrez.

    I muzt be zaid zomething morre on zhiz buzinezz of zhunnink za crrozz of ourr zinz. Za rreazon ve have za crrozz to embrraze iz to zhorrten ourr Purrgatorry time. Ve owe penanze forr ourrzelvez Ya! but it iz mozt pleazing to God if ve make it alzo for za zinz of otherz. It haz alvayz been zo vith za Faithfulz! Zee how Jazinta und Franzcizco vizh to zufferr forr zoulz!

    Now! If zheze peoplez do not rrecognize zhat zhey zin … zhen how can zhey make za penanze?! You zee? Ezpezcially vhen za zame peoplez do not vizit za confezzional to even get za teeny little penanze frrom za priezt. Mozt of zheze peoplez do not make za Frriday penanze durrink za yearr outzide of za Lent (und even durrink za Lent!) und do NOT even do za "act of merzy". Zhiz I know! becauze I azk many of za Novuz Ordoz peoplez vhat ze do forr za Frriday pentitenzial obligazion outzide of za Lent und zhey look at me az if I have za two headz.

    No zin…no penanze. No penanze…no grracze. No grracze…no giftz of za Holy Ghozt. No giftz…no zanctificazion. No zanctificazion….no Heaven…orrr…at za verry leazt za verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry long Purrgatorry time. No? Ya!… za devil vaz verry zuccezzful in ziz trrick. Frrom zhiz verry trrick comez za dangerrouz frruit….za zo-called "Communal Penanze Zervicze". In za zeminarry zhey call zhiz "Za Big Vash" but iz juzt a big joke. Knowledgeable Catholicz, vell catechized in za faith vould neverr rrizk zheir zoulz. Und vould vonder vhy zhey zhould botherr vith zuch a think vhen zhe could go strraight to za confezzional. Ya know…forr Prrogrrezzivez zhey zurre do take za long vay arround on zhiz, by golly. I vould like to do za zurvey und zee how many of zheze peoplez vizit za confezzional afterrvarrd az rrequirred. I vould bet my lederrhozen lezz zhan half of zhem.

    On za brright zide…like za Prroteztantz zhey mimic…zhey vill neverr have za ulczer. Only za burrnink zenzation overr za whole body forr all Eterrnity.

  7. Rob says:

    You hit the nail on the head each and every time, professor. I ought to buy you a nice lager.

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