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Progressive Catholicism- Lesson #1

December 21st, 2009, Promulgated by Dr. K

From the dissenting U.S. Catholic:

“Hudson appoints himself the arbiter of what is Catholic, and if you support health care reform that in any way might lead to an abortion paid for with public funds, you are not one.

Case in point on abortion: While the church does teach that procured abortion can never be morally justified–and Catholics are bound to that teaching–Catholics are free to hold different positions on how the right to life should be pursued in the public sphere. Our common goal is no abortions; our paths can differ. There is plenty of evidence that making abortion illegal actually does little to prevent it–it just forces women in crisis into dangerous and desperate situations. Catholics who argue that access to affordable health care and other progressive social policies will reduce abortion are on solid moral ground.”

Legalized abortion is solid moral ground? I think this person is trying a little too hard to justify his beliefs as a liberal Democrat as being compatible with Catholicism. You know what would be better at fighting abortion than legalizing it? Making it illegal! The less accessible this evil is, the less likely people will engage in it.

In a personal note, I have a friend who told me something interesting a few weeks ago. He said that were his fiance to ever get pregnant accidentally (I assume they are already using birth control), they would, and I quote “abort! abort!” Now if abortion were illegal and not so readily available, I doubt that such a thought would ever have crossed their minds. But this is the morally bankrupt society we live in; where such a disgusting act is not viewed as a heinous crime against human life, but just an “option” to avoid the inconvenience of a child.



4 Responses to “Progressive Catholicism- Lesson #1”

  1. Sed says:

    That's liberals for ya.

  2. CPT Tom says:

    Thank you Ted Kennedy once again! If it had not been for Ted Kennedy getting together the "dream team" of progressive theologists in 1965 to formulate the "conscious defense" to give cover for the indefensible (legal abortions). It is truly a heinous situation indeed. The evil one must be laughing at the ongoing support of this evil by supposedly Catholic politicians and laity.

  3. Rob says:

    The more liberals having abortions, the less the liberals there will be, the happier all will be.

  4. Nerina says:

    What a disingenuous load of crap!

    Here's a way to decrease abortion – don't fund them with the dollars of people who morally object to them! Someone explain the math to me. Maybe I'm too stupid to understand, but I don't see how increasing availability of a procedure leads to its decline.

    I agree that if many women are choosing abortion because of financial concerns, then, yes, access to affordable health care might influence their decision. Unfortunately, a large percentage of women (and the men who got them pregnant) choose abortion out of convenience. That is a sad reality that must be confronted. Everyone is quick to portray abortion as a grueling moral choice, but there is a large segment of people who see abortion as "just a procedure."

    I believe Bernard Nathanson, MD (former abortionist and now Catholic, pro-life convert) has talked about how the pro-abort crowd greatly exaggerated the number of illegal abortions being done prior to 1973. It was all part of an overarching theme to get abortion accepted in the mainstream. See here:

    I'd like to see this writer's "evidence" that shows legal restrictions do not prevent abortion. Because from everything I've read, the states with the lowest abortion numbers are those with parental notification and 24 hour waiting periods.

    Finally, it's interesting that the writer invokes prudential judgment with the issue of abortion, but probably wouldn't recognize its validity for other issues like immigration reform, war or even health care.

    Quote: "Catholics are free to hold different positions on how the right to life should be pursued in the public sphere."

    HAH! And what would those different positions be? Here's a position for you – babies should be allowed to live! Or – the State should not be giving money to kill our children!

    Really, what other position can a faithful Catholic take in this argument? Can one really say, "health care reform with the option for abortion is my position?" Again, such crap.

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