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Fr. Murphy’s Good Reads List

December 11th, 2009, Promulgated by Dr. K

In the most recent St. Louis bulletin, Fr. Murphy (cf here, here, here) publishes his list of good Catholic reads. As one would expect, they are mostly terrible, progressive publications. Here is what he wrote (the frequent use of ellipses are his, emphasis is mine):

“there is a need for all of us to keep current about our faith and its practice, and we need to find more ways of getting the message out… to think that a homily of 10 minutes is going to be able to cover adequately various topics is unrealistic… that is why we try to offer a variety of Adult Education programs in the course of a year… another good way is to subscribe to a good Catholic magazine such as “America,” “US Catholic,” “Commonweal” or the “St. Anthony Messenger“… they all have web sites and are solid members of the Catholic press.”

This is not a joke, he is seriously recommending these progressive publications. He also has mentioned in a prior bulletin that he subscribes to the National Catholic Reporter, though that shouldn’t come as a shock given these recommendations. Below are some good resources as to why the above publications are less than orthodox (or at least flamingly progressive and antagonistic towards tradition):

General resource on orthodox vs. progressive to heterodox news sources: here
1. America- here, here, here, here
2. U.S. Catholic- here, here, here, here
3. Commonweal- here, here, here

I know little of the St. Anthony Messenger, so I will not offer an opinion. If a reader out there knows about the newsletter, do make a post.



16 Responses to “Fr. Murphy’s Good Reads List”

  1. Kelly says:

    Read what has to say about the website which is a web publication of St. Anthony Messenger:;=2&subrepos;=0&searchid;=555898

    "While one can find good material on this attractive site, it must be carefully sifted. St. Anthony Messenger magazine has through the years consistently undermined the authentic teachings of the Church. This website is a continuation of that process."

    In our RCIA program, Catholic Updates used to be given to Catechumens – until I was given one to peruse which told about how churches were getting away from having the Tabernacle in the center and the trend was to put them in a separate room. The red flag, in my mind, has been raised ever since.

  2. Dr. K says:

    Sounds like he was 4/4 in his list then.

    ~Dr. K

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is a good place for us to list the uncontaminated Catholic publications. List only those fit for Catholic consumption. Other than the Douay-Rheims of course.

    I'll start.


    Guess I'll have to pass.

  4. Kelly says:

    I have subscribed to the National Catholic Register for years, and for the most part have been very pleased. I look forward to the weekly edition in my mailbox.

  5. agreed…the GOOD NCR is the polar opposite of the BAD NCR

  6. Anonymous says:

    The National Catholic Register lost my subscription years ago when they wrote too gushingly on a few issues like Eastern meditation practices. They also have led a scandal immediately after the recent fake presidential election by gushing over lower-case-obama. Sorry. They aren't totally clean either.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Without apology I might add, even after being flooded by calls and emails of disgusted Catholics.

    AND they have allowed some unacceptable advertising as well.

  8. I pretty much read the Wanderer, the Remnant and Catholic Family News along with Inside the Vatican magazine. Sometimes, when I'm feeling brazen, I go on the National Catholic Reporter website and laugh/cry when I read the columnists.

  9. Pilgrim says:

    The Wanderer, The Remnant, New Oxford Review and Vermont Catholic magazine are my print sources for orthodox Catholic information. I still get the National Catholic Register for a variety of news. The Catholic Courier comes to my house; I leaf through it looking for orthodox content but I mostly read the letters although McBrien's column/photo nearby makes me gag.

  10. The St. Anthony Messenger, produced locally here in Cincinnati, is at best a mixed bag. While you'll rarely find something heterodox in its pages, you'll just as rarely find an enthusiastic defense or embrace of Church teaching.

  11. Sonja says:

    The lukewarm He will vomit from His mouth.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Here is a recent report on why online publication CNS is viewed with Catholic suspicion.

  13. Dr. Van Helsing der Klingenstein says:

    Ya. Even za zelf-prroclaimed Vatican newzpaperr haz embrrazed za evil und za abzurrd time und time again lately.

    Za Vanderer, Za Rremnant, New Oxford Reviewz et al zeem to have zhuz farr ztayed on zheir mizzion forr trruth in za orrthodoxy. Howeverr,…it muzt be noted zhat today zhere iz videzprread diabolical confuzion! und zinze none of zheze publicationz iz guided by za Holy Ghozt, zheir wrritink too zhould be conzumed vith a little caution. Und perrhapz a little hefeweizen. hehe

  14. Doktor Kling. Hefeweizen is German wheat beer, correct?

  15. such as, perhaps, Franziskaner Wiessbier, a Hefeweizen that just so happens to be the preferred beer of Pope Benedict XVI, and one greatly enjoyed by a fella who goes by Arialdus!

  16. Dr. Van Helsing der Klingenstein says:

    Yah. A goot und ztout Gerrman beerr. I vaz havink a few of zheze brrewzkiz vith za Holy Fatherr juzt za otherr day.

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