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Another Theme Mass, and Archbishop Fulton Sheen

December 10th, 2009, Promulgated by Dr. K

From the Sacred Heart Cathedral bulletin, emphasis added:

“Celebrate evening Mass in Filipino (Simbang Gabi) next Friday, Dec. 18th, 7 PM at the Cathedral! Come early and hear the history of the Simbang Gabi and some traditional Filipino carols at 6:30 PM. At a reception after the Mass, enjoy traditional Filipino food and dessert as well as some traditional Filipino games for children and even for adults. For more information, check the Cathedral Community website.”

For a diocese that wants nothing to do with its own Roman Catholic traditions (i.e- the Latin Mass, incense that doesn’t come in a giant bowl, reverence before the Blessed Sacrament), it seems to have no problem embracing the traditions of others. Well… if you want another show with eye candy to satisfy your ever-increasing desire for visual and audio diversity stimulation, next Friday at the Cathedral is for you. Oh, and there will be a sacrifice of the Holy Mass apparently as well, though I’m sure that’s not the reason why most people will be attending.

In an unrelated note, the Diocese had a Mass in remembrance of Archbishop Fulton Sheen yesterday. If anyone checked the D&C; today (see below), it is reported that roughly 30 people showed up. I guess a Mass for one of the greatest Catholic speakers of our generation doesn’t bring in the people like a Filipino Mass, an African Mass, or even a performance by scantily clad passion mimes. I sometimes wonder if there is any hope for this diocese.

It’s almost laughable that the D&C; would use the phrase “filled the pews” to describe 30 people being in attendance at the Cathedral which seats around 700.

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6 Responses to “Another Theme Mass, and Archbishop Fulton Sheen”

  1. Sonja says:

    Shhhhhh! Don't tell anyone at the Cathedral that the Simbang Gabi is the beginning of a novena to the Blessed Mother. Very Catholic! Very traditional! Shhhhhh!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Shameful. A great man on his way to St. hood and thirty people show up. What has he done?

    Perhaps if it was held downtown or for that matter any place else, it would have been different.

  3. Anonymous says:

    YIKES! He meaning OUR Bishop… NOT Bishop Sheen.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The Mass held in memory of Archbishop Fulton Sheen at St. Patrick's Cathedral seemed to be filled to capacity. It was broadcast live on EWTN. Archbishop Timothy Dolan gave a wonderful homily. You may find it on the EWTN web site. I hope that EWTN rebroadcasts the Mass.

    I was shocked to hear that Bishop Matthew Harvey Clark went to New York City for the Mass.

    Bishop Clark stood by at the City of Rochester Planning Commission Hearing as Father Joe Hart and Sacred Heart parishioner Tom Riley bashed Archbishop Fulton Sheen.

    Parishioners down at Sacred Heart Cathedral were trying to preserve the Cathedral and presented a case that Archbishop Sheen was known around the world and on the way to sainthood.

    The majority of the parishioners never went back to Sacred Heart Cathedral after it was stripped out and jack hammered.

    The fact that only 30 parishioners attended the Mass is a sign that the parishioners of the diocese are no longer interested in attending any function at the cathedral and that Bishop Clark has no love for Archbishop Sheen. Bishop Clark removed or destroyed just about everything in the cathedral that Archbishop Sheen ever touched. He even cut Sheen's beautiful bishop's chair in half.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sacred Heart Cathedral used to seat about 1000 parishioners before Bishop Clark removed the pews during the cathedral renovation.

    During the 1960's, there had to be several hundred parishioners who had to stand during the Mass on the side aisle, in the back vestibule and at times down the main aisle.

    You don't forget the times when you had to kneel on the slate floor. That was the price for being late to Mass.

  6. Dr. K says:

    Anon 9:09- I have heard similar things about the Sheen bashing.;=111445&cfid;=10605534&cftoken;=15291108

    In the above Courier article, it says about 40 people attended Mass. I'd think the D&C; number of 30 is more accurate.

    ~Dr. K

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