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A very Merry and Blessed Christmas

December 25th, 2009, Promulgated by Choir

Here is an absolutely top-notch version of the men and boys choir of Kings College singing “O Come All Ye Faithful”. It is from the 1983 program under the direction of Stephen Cleobury. 1983 was the best year they have ever had for the Festival of Lessons and Carols. I know not every Catholic Church is capable of this quality and style of music, but couldn’t we do more with choirs than we current are doing. Except for St. Anne’s and the Latin Mass Choir, the music scene in this diocese is God-awful. I hope you have a very Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year



4 Responses to “A very Merry and Blessed Christmas”

  1. Persis says:

    Thanks, that was beautiful!

    I have never heard the St. Anne's or the TLM choir, and I, in general, agree with your assessment of music in the DOR. However, I had the pleasure of attending the 10pm Mass at St. Charles Borromeo last night, and their choir is wonderful!
    I had forgotten how much talent was in that choir, who have been under the direction of the same man for probably close to 40 years. (He was there when I was a kid, I grew up at that parish). The rather large (probably 50 people at least)processed into the darkened church with candles, singing Silent Night. It was an amazing experience. The preaching and the priest were also wonderful. It was one of the most inspirational, beautiful Masses I have been to in a very long time.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Persis,
    That is very good to hear about St. Charles having good music. Is the director still Ralph Zecchino? I've sung under him; a very competent director.

  3. Persis says:

    Yes, that's him!!

  4. Alex R says:

    Music at St. Anne is dying – it's nowhere as good as it used to be.

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