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USCCB Fall General Assembly – Live Feed

November 17th, 2009, Promulgated by Dr. K

Below is the live feed of the USCCB Fall General Assembly. Today is a busy and long day, with discussions spanning from 9 in the morning until roughly 6 in the afternoon. There should be various votes today, including the vote on the remaining translations of the Roman Missal. Cleansing Fire will have updates posted here throughout the day concerning any important news or vote results.

-Live feed now removed-

Log of events:
Ok folks, I’ll be heading home soon, so this will be the end of the live updates. The live video feed will remain up until later on tonight. Thank you for following along.

4:01: “Now it the time to act; we should not wait!” Following this statement, the bishops were thanked for approving the translations.
3:58: “Material can be placed in parish bulletins, beginning now” <-- Priests should begin educating the laity on the new translation.
Made clear that now we turn to the process of catechesis. Recognitio of new Missal translation could come as soon as April of this coming year.
3:52: Final Missal translation vote, adaptations to the Roman Missal: 92% vote in favor, all Missal translations have passed!
3:45: Results on vote for U.S. Propers: 199 vote in favor, or 90%. It has passed. There will now be one last translation vote. Bishop Trautman’s concerns about the antiphons are held off until later. Now vote on Adaptions to Roman Missal.
3:44: Trautman: “I am sorry, that is not a collegial process!”
3:43: Trautman is about to punch someone in the face I think, lol
3:42: Head of USCCB: ” I feel as though we’re doing guerrilla warfare here!”
3:41: Trautman on the verge of tears
3:40: Trautman again
3:37: Bishop Rosazza doesn’t like the whole idea that we need a new translation. The Trautman supporters are really getting desperate, aren’t they?
3:36: Vote to include Blessed Marianne Cope, born in Syracuse,NY: Yes and No tied at 49%! Needed only a simple majority. That’s a shame. Bishop Trautman now to speak, as are 3 other bishops.
3:34: Trautman to speak again.. “I think my comments may be out of order”
3:29: Discussion now of U.S. Propers
3:26: Results of vote on Commons: 200 votes in favor, or 91%. It has passed. 2 translations to go.
3:25: Translation of Commons now proposed. (This is the 3rd of 5 translations)
3:24: Results of vote on Roman Missal supplement: 203 votes in favor, or 93% . It has passed.
3:23: Card. Mahony gets up to speak…
3:20: Action item #5 – Roman Missal supplement debate to begin.
3:19: 195 votes in favor of the Proper of Saints, or 88%. It has passed.
3:18: Vote now (finally)
3:17: Bishop Niederauer supports Lipscomb, let’s get on with it he suggests.
3:15: Archbishop Lipscomb calls for USCCB to move forward. Says this text is good, better than what we have. Says we should “move expeditiously”
3:13: Bishop Sklba, Auxiliary of Milwaukee supports Trautman, stalls voting
3:12: Proper of Saints will go up for vote!
3:11: Made clear that this is last chance to pass these translations. Need to be done by November 3oth this year.
3:08: Action item #4- Proper of Saints requires 2/3rd vote to pass.
3:07: Presentation of the remaining 5 translations begins.
3:06: Trautman stalls again
3:06: “I still believe if you don’t mind, that we should do our work” in response to Trautman’s complaints
3:05: Bishop Herzog asks if other conferences have raised Trautman’s objection, and it is said that none have.
3:03: A gray book was in fact issued, but it was not sent to the bishops.
3:02: Bishop Trautman demands that his canonical and doctrinal questions are addressed now.
3:00: Bishop Paprocki quotes Canon Law to back up Bishop Trautman.
2:55: Bishop Trautman wants a gray book on the antiphons.
2:54: Trautman begins to rip the translated antiphons, arguing that its not people language.
2:50: Trautman (seen below) begins his stall tactics. Calls for no translation to receive a vote. Claims “serious doctrinal question”

2:48: Bishops now standing for 30 seconds to get the blood flowing (lol) before Trautman begins his assault against the translation.
2:46: Results from the vote on marriage pastoral document: 180-45 3 abstain (175 was needed for 2/3rd majority). The pastoral letter finally passes. Now the USCCB will proceed to the English translation of the Missal. Get ready for the Trautman fireworks, there is likely to be a “November Surprise” from him soon.
2:45: The marriage document will require 2/3 votes to pass.
2:42: Results from vote on Hurley’s motion: 56-169. The motion to rewrite the document fails. There will soon be a vote on the document itself.
2:40: Hurley’s motion goes up for vote for a document rewrite.
2:37: Bishop Hurley turns up the heat because he feels that his amendment was not considered.
2:36: Amendment process completed. Now the bishops will proceed to the document.
2:30: Retired Archbishop Hurley wants a revision of the marriag
e document so that it sounds more pastoral and inclusive.
2:20: Wenski amendment is rejected by the conference. One amendment to go on the marriage document.
2:10: We’re back. The two amendments to the marriage document are currently being proposed.
12:33: The bishops are now breaking for lunch (90 minute break). There are still 2 amendments to consider to the marriage document, and a vote will then occur on the document. So the liturgical debate will probably be a little after 2 o’clock, perhaps 2:30? Stay tuned.
12:24: Voice vote on Bishop Brown word change to marriage document fails to get enough support.
12:22: Result of electronic vote on Ramirez amendment: 103-122, failed.
12:21: Voice vote for Ramirez amendment on marriage document. Electronic vote to follow now.
12:10: There is currently a discussion about the marriage document. The Missal translation appears to be slated for after lunch, which will be around 2 PM (per USCCB agenda) unless something should change.
11:00: A presentation is being given on sexual abuse.
10:30: 20 minute coffee break begins.
10:28: 90 second speech on immigration reform postcard campaign before coffee break.
10:27: Vote on 3% increase in 2011 diocesan assessment, need 2/3 to pass: 155 in favor, which comes to the 2/3 needed for this vote.
10:18: Vote on USCCB budget: 220 in favor (number against not given). Budget passed
10:15: “I understand it saves money for the Conference, but it gives me a headache” — Cardinal regarding switch to digital over paper financial statements.
10:13: A cardinal has had trouble getting financial information over the Internet.
10:06: Taking questions on the budget
9:57-10:06: Talking about the budget
9:56: Vote on 2010-11 strategy and operational plans for USCCB: 223-2 in favor, 6 abstentions.
9:55: Vote on the priority plan: 232-2 in favor, 1 abstention.
9:53: A bishop expresses confusion over how to use a PC compact disc. Hilarious.
9:50 AM: Questions are currently being taken

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14 Responses to “USCCB Fall General Assembly – Live Feed”

  1. Gen says:

    Dr. K, I hope you know I can't pay you for this.

    However, I do sense a nomination for the Edward R. Murrow award for excellence in news broadcasting.

  2. Nerina says:

    At the risk of being a liturgical geek, can I just say "WOO-HOO!" on the passing of the translations?

    And what is Bishop Trautman so afraid of? I just don't get it.

  3. Dr. K says:

    He's worried that revising the English translation to make it more accurate to the Latin text would represent a step backwards for the progressive cause. Today was a step in the right direction.

    ~Dr. K

  4. I have only peeked in occasionally on the Bishop's meeting, but has anyone seen Bishop Clark there? I've seen Cunningham, Grosz and Kmiec, Murphy and DiMarizio and Archbishop Dolan, but no Clark or Hubbard. Playing hooky?

  5. Dr. K says:

    I thought I saw him in one of the pans, but I could be wrong. He didn't get up to say anything, which is wise for him. Better to not make a fool out of yourself like Bishop Trautman.

    As an update, Trautman's motion was later rejected after the coffee break. The CDWDS will take a look at the antiphons, per the suggestion of the Cincinnati archbishop.

    ~Dr. K

  6. Bishops and priests should take a lot of time to educate the laity about the translations. Very little, if any education was done after Vatican II when the Mass went from Latin to English. When the altar was turned around and the priest had his back to the Blessed Sacrament, my Dad remarked, "It looks like he's tending bar" I busted a gut at the comment and wished the priest would turn back and face east.

  7. Anonymous says:

    So these translations have passed. Will they ever be implemented in thr DOR or will the diocese use whatever they have been using. They are good at paying lip service to mandated changes and often do so only with a "gun" to their heads.

  8. Choir-Did not see Clark, did see Hubbard

    Anon-my guess is that they will somehow try to pass off the GIRM passage that allows for the the replacement of an antiphon by another suitable hymn or chant to mean the replacement of the Mass by another suitable Whatever The Hell We Wanna Say

    One of my favorite translational goodies:

    No "Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again." Mysterium Fidei…I always disliked that one

    Hopefully once this is out, I will never have to hear the standard-crappy glorias etc "Sing! Glory to God!" since the are not proper translations…we'll see

  9. Has anyone listened to the Mass that has been broadcast on telecare? The altar servers don't have their hands folded like altar servers should. They are down by their waist. No decorum. BUT, the cantors (male and female) are horrible. Way, way too much vibrato. It sounds like a really bad Italian opera. Are these Masses coming from the Bishops meeting in Baltimore or from Rockville Centre?

    I wonder since the see of Scranton is vacant, does one of the councilors go in place of the bishop?

  10. Nerina,
    Bishop Trautman is a big proponent of gender-inclusive language.It's his baby and he is watching his work go down the drain right in front of him. Maybe it should be Bishop Trautperson, huh? Like soon we should sing Frosty the Snowperson. This gender-inclusive is a peculiarly Western invention. My nuns friends in Asia and Africa have never heard of it until they came here.

  11. pistor says:

    My guess is that Clark will put off the implementation process until it is time for him to retire

  12. Sister Emily says:

    Thanks Dr K. I don't know how you guys do what you do but it is very much appreciated. Being abel to watch this at work (instead of working )was a learning experience.

  13. Sister Emily says:

    Hi NERINA,

    I am with you WOO HOO ? LOL.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Did His Eminence really start tearing up the antiphons. Such disrepect for a holy text… he is in desperate need of fraternal correction, preferably in the parking lot 🙂

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