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St. Anne Church Financial Statement

November 17th, 2009, Promulgated by Gen

A cordial nod of the miter to the dedicated reader who supplied us with this document. Seeing as how I don’t have immediate access to a scanner at present, I’ll just quote various relevant portions of the document released in recent weeks by the administrators (administraitors?) of St. Anne/Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. As you know, many of the readers have attended these parishes over the past several years, so anything of relevance to them is relevant to us as a whole. The following comes from the St. Anne Financial Statement handout:

“Collection (sic) were down 21% from that budgeted, with overall revenues down 12%. St. Anne finished the year with a net operating loss of $103,011, which resulted in an outstanding payable to Monroe County Catholic Schools for a portion of the year’s school assessment and CMA underage owing to the Diocese of Rochester.”

So, evidently the philosophy of voting with one’s wallet is working. There are so many things one could throw back into the face of Sr. Sobala, things which she herself said, but for the sake of Christian charity, I will not. (The comment box is conveniently located below this post.)

But wait! There’s more!

“Several changes were implemented to turn around the Church’s financial condition, which include lower personnel costs, a lowering of the school assessment costs, restructuring of the Canandaigua National Bank mortgage, and the hiring of the Cunneen Group to help increase weekly collections.”

“Several changed were implemented to turn around the Church’s financial condition.” The Church? No, I think you mean “the church,” as in “little-c” church, as in “not the Universal Church.”

“Lowering personnel costs.” I have a plan to reduce them even further – one administrator, one priest, no subversive nuns who have nothing but contempt for Truth and Tradition.

“A lowering of school assessment costs.” Ah, yes, because the people of St. Anne would rather have their money go to the “Sr. Joan alb fund” as opposed to Catholic Schools.

“The hiring of the Cunneen Group to help increase weekly collections.” The Cunneen Group . . . In my personal opinion (which is a proven fact), orthodoxy pays more than “offertory enhancement.” Is it really so hard to grasp that people left because they were a. told to, b. made to feel unwelcome and unwanted, c. ostracizied by the new administration, and d. because the music and liturgical prowess of the parish have died? The majority of the altar servers, according to a reader, are irreverent altar girls who have no sense of decorum or grace. The Saturday evening Mass now has NO scheduled altar servers, boys or girls. It speaks volumes that even the little children whom the Lord calls unto Him have fled for greener pastures.

Note to self: it’s amazing how vibrant the Progressive parishes are. Really – it’s amazing.

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10 Responses to “St. Anne Church Financial Statement”

  1. Dr. K says:

    Sr. Joan Sobala's poor performance at St. Anne is doing nothing to help Bishop Clark in his quest to "prove" that women can pretend to be priests. If anything, she is hurting this ignoble cause.

    ~Dr. K

  2. Mike says:

    Their fiscal year ended June 30th and they're just now letting their parishioners know the results?

    Does Sr. Joan say why it took so long?

  3. Gen says:

    I'm not sure why there was a delay in the notification. As far as I was told, these notices have been available in the atrium for about two-three weeks, but still, there's a long gap from June to November.

    I think it speaks volumes that she's given up hope for more money voluntarily from her parishioners, and instead, now relies on an outside group supplying "offertory enhancements."

  4. Rob says:

    I hope that all of this money is now going towards Our Lady of Victory. Oh wait, it is.

    Thanks for fertilizing our parish sister. I ought to send you a fruit basket.

  5. Sister Emily says:

    ROB. LOL

    GEN I am holding back..

  6. Gen says:

    As am I, Sr. Emily. As am I.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Interesting that a once thriving parish is going bankrupt, yet the diocese will do all they can to keep it open due to the presence of this nun. Yet, more prosperous parishes like St Thomas may be closes, simply due to their orthodoxy.

    My wife says there are special places in heaven for those who defend the faith but there are also special places in hell for those who destroy the faith.

    Pray for this bishop and the priests in the DOR.

  8. Gen says:

    A pastor (I cannot say whom, but I will say he's not one of those we usually discuss) once told me, "pray for the bishop, pray for Joan, pray for Nancy and Barb, too. They can do what they want here, but Rochester is not the Church. The Church is above all this – they will have to answer for this when they die, and not before then."

  9. Anonymous says:

    I am an occasional reader, a member of St. Anne, and a parent of altar servers. In defense of them, the majority of the altar servers are committed young people. There are over 20 servers who choose to serve at the 11:00 Mass, and a few others who will serve at the 9:00 Family Mass, not all of whom are irreverent altar girls.

  10. Gen says:

    And that's why I quoted a lector from your parish, who emailed me, and said that MOST, not ALL, are irreverent altar girls.

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