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Poll #21 – Christmas Decorations

November 29th, 2009, Promulgated by Dr. K

With the Christmas season beginning this week, it is only appropriate that this poll asked a Christmas question. This week many of us will begin to decorate our houses, inside and out, with various Christmas decorations. There will be reindeer, lights, tinsel, wreaths, nativity sets, and so forth. This poll is to gauge how many of us are focusing on more religious holiday decorations, versus the more secular holiday decorations. The question asks you to describe the Christmas decor you will display in your home this year. Answer truthfully, even if you would like to answer the first choice but know you probably can’t because of the 25 foot inflatable Santa standing in front of your shrubbery.

Describe the Christmas decor you will display in your home this season

Results from poll #20 (click here to see) – Wow. When I saw this one I dropped the glass of water I was carrying and spent five minutes dabbing the floor with a towel. In response to the question: Have you though about exploring a Catholic vocation?, the commanding winner with 21 of the 43 votes cast (49%) was “Yes, I’ve thought about becoming a priest or deacon.” Are you listening, Diocese of Rochester? In second place, with 11 votes was “Yes, I’ve thought about becoming a male or female religious.” Only 16% of our readers stated that they are happy being a layperson. If these numbers are indeed true, and I hope people voted honestly, we could be in for a potential vocations boom come 2012. Thanks to all who participated.



4 Responses to “Poll #21 – Christmas Decorations”

  1. avatar Anonymous says:

    Dows anyone have any idea where to obtain an outside, life sized, nativity scene. We want to put it in our front yard.


  2. I imagine if you googled it you would find something. I sure would like to see it up if you can get one.Good luck and God bless ya.

  3. avatar Anonymous says:

    DR K We will be too old by then. No one will want us.

  4. avatar Anonymous says:

    I went on line. Life sised nativity scenes run over $500. I know a lot of churches have closed. Is there anyone in the DOR that might know of outdoor nativity scenes from closed parishes that want a new home? Who can I contact.

    Thanks and God bless.

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