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Latte Actually Means Something

November 23rd, 2009, Promulgated by Gen

Random rant alert:

When I walked into a cafe today, I ordered something I always get when I’m feeling in need of Eastern comforts, namely a “chai latte.” (Part chai concentrate, part steamed milk.) I’m not entirely certain how many of you are as cafe oriented as I am, but I think we can all agree with our meager knowledge of the beverage industry that a chai latte does not dictate 12 ounces of steamed concentrate as the sole ingredient. Is it really that difficult to read the instructions printed right there on the box of concentrate?

For this reason I am putting ignorant baristas under Cleansing Fire interdict.

There will be blood.



14 Responses to “Latte Actually Means Something”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You do know that "chai" is just tea, right?

  2. Gen says:

    Yes, indeed. That's why I noted the whole "latte" aspect, which adds steamed milk to the equation, and which substitutes a concentrate of the tea's spices etc . . . for the tea itself.

  3. Anonymous says:


    The only reason I even knew what chai was is from spending a few years with a Pakistani family. The wife made it only occasionally for a special treat in the evenings. It was pleasant tasting enough only I often thought a shot of Captain Morgan's spiced rum would have given it a nice kick.

  4. Gen says:

    If I were a pagan, I would have a shrine to chai in my home.

    If you want some very good stuff, look for a box of Tazo chai tea concentrate. It's about 4 dollars and is absolute proof of God's existence. They have it at Wegmans.

  5. Anonymous says:

    A little recommended reading to go with our latte:

  6. Gen: I dunno, to me JS Bach is proof of God's existence. 🙂

  7. Gen says:

    Major lol @ the new book.

    Bach drinking chai is proof of God's existence.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Bach drinking chai latte while reading Cleansing Fire: Welcome to the New Springtime is proof of God's existence. After all, He wrote the Table of Contents.

  9. gretchen says:


    Just for the record, "chai tea" is a redundancy. "Chai" is the Russian word for tea, just as "t?" is the Spanish word for tea.

    One of my daughters got into it with a very difficult barista shortly after she'd been adopted from Russia at age two. We had met up with some friends at a rather snobby coffee shop in the city where we used to live. When we went up to the counter, I ordered a cafe au lait. The barista said, "Wouldn't you rather have some chai tea?" and my daughter (who, at two, was the size of a nine-month-old, but was walking and talking like a teenager) looked at me completely puzzled and said, "Chai IS tea…" The barista said in a very annoyed voice, "Chai is a special kind of tea." Daughter replied, "Chai IS tea." This went back and forth entirely too many times for a conversation between a 20-something adult and a toddler. I explained that chai is the Russian word for tea. Not necessarily special tea, any tea. The barista continued to argue… Argh.

    Can that ignorant barista from another city oh-so-many (gosh, nearly eight!) years ago be put under Cleansing Fire interdict?

    Oh, and how 'bout Cleansing Fire, The Musical – in 3D?

  10. Gen says:

    Consider that fellow under the same severe degree of interdict that mine is under.

    I always assumed that "chai" was a Pakistani or Indian word – never knew it was Russian. Thank you for elucidating!

    And thank you for your toddler setting straight (pun intended) the precocious barista. She receives a nod of the miter.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I will try to express myself here with my nose, not too high up in the air but….the true proof that God exists is in "freshly" ground coffee beans, immediately poured into a french press coffee pot, with water just below boiling point. Chai is tooooo new agey. geeez!

  12. Gen says:

    New-agey. That's me! lol

    Trust me, if I were to dedicate a post to my coffee yearnings (lustings?) you would see I value it just as highly as chai. lol

  13. Anon 8:38..I am so with you on French Press and after dinner, just the smallest splash of rum in it. Sip it while listening to Bach organ music. A lil bit o'heaven on earth.

  14. Sister Emily says:

    But first cleansing your palate with french vanilla ice cream with a splash of limoncello,makes for just a bit more heaven.


    Opps sorry..

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