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For The Sake of Inclusivity

November 16th, 2009, Promulgated by Gen

Just an observation:

Those who yearn for inclusivity in the Mass often do the following: describe God using “it” pronouns, putting “people” in place of “men,” declaring that we pray for “God’s Church,” not “His Church etc. . .

However, why is it that the same doesn’t hold true for the use of “womankind” and “amongst women” in Marian prayers and hymns? As a person of the male persuasion, I feel injured by the lack of inclusive language in the Hail Mary. Oh? Mary’s blessed among all women? Well what about men? If we can turn Jesus into a transgendered God, why can’t we do the same to Mary, who is not God?

Oh, that’s right – because we’re the sane ones.

Jesus – fully God and fully man. That means He was a male human for those of you who don’t like the “m” word.

Mary – Blessed Virgin, Mother of God. Note the whole “woman” theme here.

Things were made to be for a reason – don’t make Jesus a “non-gendered” person. Liberals tend to have respect enough not to neuter Mary, but perhaps this “respect” is more aptly named “apathy?”

Our Lady of Good Counsel, pray for us and for them who so desperately need it!



3 Responses to “For The Sake of Inclusivity”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Also in the liturgy of the hours that many male priests pray, there is reference to the person praying being a "lowly handmaiden". Clearly this is not inclusive enough!

    Why don't those progressive clowns get their heads out of their rear ends and see their hypocrisy for what it really is. They are just a bunch of radical feminists, they are not in favor of true inclusivity. They only want what promotes their own leftist beliefs.

  2. Gen says:


    I think that the real problem in the liberals' judgment is that, if we neuter Jesus, we'll need to neuter everything, thus rendering the most feminine woman the most un-gendered and undesirable "person." What makes our faith so beautiful is that we have a Divine King, Our Lord, and a most Merciful Queen, Our Lady.

  3. Persis says:

    some interesting perspectives.
    So as not to hijack the combox, with what I believe will be quite the heated debate, I have posted my humble opinions on my own blog-

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